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When was japan willing to set up peace negotiations in World War 2?

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"Japanese_Negotiations_to_end_WWII" id=

"Japanese_Negotiations_to_end_WWII">Japanese Negotiations to end


My memory from U.S. History classes is that the United States

Government (Specifically Truman and MacArthur) insisted on

Unconditional surrender by the Japanese. TMy understanding is that

the Japanese Government was not willing to begin negotiations with

this as the starting point until after the dropping of the atomic

bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

WRONG. The Japanese were willing to make peace negotiations with

the US prior to WWII. They never wanted war with the US to begin


However, after the war had started, the Grand Alliance began to

use a motto of "unconditional surrender." This worked well in

Europe, but when the US applied this to the war in the Pacific, the

Japanese took a different meaning. The Japanese were under the

assumption that they would have to lose their emperor--someone who

was taught to the Japanese as being divine--and they wouldn't stand

for it.

However, the terms of unconditional surrender did not mean they

would have to lose the emperor. The US was informed of the Japanese

miscommunication, but the US did not attempt to tell the Japanese

of this. If they had, the war would have been over much sooner.

So, it depends on how you view it. By the terms the US had laid

out, the Japanese were willing to surrender all along.

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