When was music discovered?

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Unknown. The earliest music predates recorded history.

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Q: When was music discovered?
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What was the oldest discovered playable music discovered in china?


Why was music discovered?

to entertain

Where was music invented?

Music was not invented ; it was discovered by the early Indians .

What country discovered music?

Every civilization has had its own form of music, therefore no one place could have discovered it exclusively.

When was punk music discovered?

The same year that the terracotta warriors were discovered.

When was music first discovered?

In 1550

Who discovered stomp music?


Who discovered the music?

ya mom

How was Nellie discovered?

by a music producer

Who discovered music notation?

Music notation wasn't really discovered, but Guido d'Arezzo invented our modern day staff notation.

When was the theory of music discovered?

Music theory was never "discovered". It has been developed over time from the roots and beginnings hundreds of years ago.

What year rap music found?

what year was rap music discovered in Mexico

Who discovered scratch music and its affects on rap?

who was the person who invented scratch music

Who dicoverd music?

Music was discovered by the ancients. Every society, down to the oldest and most primitive, has music.

Where was rap music first discovered?


How did Justin bieber get into music?

He was discovered on Youtube.

How was Nelly Furtado discovered?

by a music producer

Who discovered country music?

I think that no one discovered music. I think that they would play around with there instroments until they found what they liked and called it country

Who discovered Jason Derulo?

Jason Derulo was discovered by music producer J. R. Rotem.

How was music discovered?

To be honest i have been looking everywhere for this answer nobody knows what this answer is and for my own understandings i don't really know who discovered music but for me i don't think music was discovered i think it was made by the world because we all have our own gifts and talents and it all comes with a beat,cough,hum,clap,bang and a noise it is all music.

Who discovered music?

AnswerAccording to the Bible David made the instruments but who discovered it I will not be answering that know for I do not have my bible with me. Music was never really discovered by anyone or at anytime at a fixed, certain point. All music is sound that is organised into a form we recognise as an arranged order:The first person to tap a stick on a rock in a beat in actuality discovered music.As every major society and civilization has had its own music, arts, instruments, lore and language, every societies' music will/would of been very different to all others.

Who discovered African music?

That would inevitably be the Africans.

When was Irish music discovered?

It was discovered by ancient Celts migrating from the Middle East up through Europe

How did Katy Perry start in the music business?

She started in the music buisness by youtube songs and was discovered shorty

How was jazz music first discovered?

i dont knowwho was this person ....:-/