When was nylon invented and do the letters NY and LON stand for New York and London?

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No it doesn't mean NY and LOndon. It was a marketing term invented by a team at DuPont. They went through several names, including Duparooh (DuPont Pulls a Rabbit Out of a Hat) Norun (refering to its use as hosiery), nillon, nilon (confusing pronunciation) and finally nylon. For a great article on the history of nylon, see: Bruns, Roger. (1988, Dec.). Of miracles and molecules: The story of nylon. American History Illustrated, 23 (8), 24-29, 48. By Dupont, 1935: inventors.about.com Probably does mean NewYork and London Nylon was invented by Wallace Carothers in 1935. There was a great demand for it as it was used for parachutes and tires. It is still used today in toothbrushes, stockings, fishing products, etc. A "nylon commuter" is someone who commutes between New York and London. A number of "Brand Names " were developed by the inventing company, DUPONT Chemicals, such as NYLON, BANLON, ORLON and RAYON. All were types of woven textiles. Jim Bunting. Toronto. Actually, Jim, rayon was invented around 1885 and it is not a synthetic fiber as were the ones invented by DuPont. Instead, the original rayon was a regenerated cellulose (made from cotton linters and wood pulp). Yes it does stand for New York and London as it was created by scientists from the locations. No it doesn't--see notes above. In the UK we have a programme on the telly, hosted by Stephen Fry, called QI (Quite Interesting) & it assured me when I saw it recently that Nylon is nothing to do with New York & London ! Correct! See notes above. Final answer, Nylon was not named after New York and London.
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Who invented nylon?

Wallace Carrothers, an absolutely brilliant organic chemist who worked for DuPont, and battled severe depression all his life. Carrothers wanted to give something to mankind that would be truly useful, but was not convinced any of his work had been any good at all. He ultimately committed suicide. T ( Full Answer )

Where was nylon invented?

Answer . Nylon was invented at DuPont laboratories by Wallace Hume Carothers. He also invented neoprene. These inventions were made prior to WW 2 and helped greatly in the war effort. Neoprene being a synthetic rubber and nylon a replacement for silk. Japan was the leading producer of silk and fo ( Full Answer )

How far is New York from London?

From New York to London it is about: approx. 3471Miles (5586 kilometers) It's about seven and a half hours by plane, depending on the wind. 3452 MI/ 5555 Km

When was nylon invented?

\n. \n When Nylon was Invented \n. \nNylon was invented on February 28, 1935 by Gerard J. Berchet of Wallace Carothers' research group at DuPont..

How far is New York to London?

From New York to London it is about: approx. 3460 Miles (5580 Kilometers) It's about seven and a half hours by plane, depending on the wind. It takes about 8 hours to fly from London to New York.

What is time difference New York and London?

Add five hours to New York Time. If it is 8 A.M. in New York, it is 1 P.M. in London.. When it is 8 P.M. in London, it is only 3 P.M. in New York.

What is the population of New York ny?

The population of New York City is 8,405,837. The city covers anarea of 468.9 square miles and has an elevation of 33 feet.

How long does it takes from New York to London?

A flight from London, United Kingdom to New York would take about 7and a half hours to complete. There is approximately 3,471 milesbetween the two locations.

What does New York colors stand for?

The colors of the flag of New York state is based on the bluebackground that represent the state's coat of arms. The shielddepicts a cloudless sky with a rising sun.

What does the New York flag stand for?

The flag of the State of New York is the state's coat of arms on a blue background. http://www.answers.com/topic/seal-of-new-york

What is ny new yorks postal code?

New Yorks postal code -10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005, 10007, 10010, 10011, 10012, 10013, 10014, 10016, 10017, 10158, 10160, 10107, 10110, 10112, 10114, ...

How far is New York from London UK?

There is approximately 7 and a half hours between London, UnitedKingdom and New York. There is about 3,471 miles between the twolocations.

Is New York bigger than London?

London is BIGGER than New York.\n. \nLondon Area - 1,706.8 km2\nNew York is - 1,214.4 km2\n. \nAnd both cities have almost the same population. But NYC is more populated but has much many very tall skyscrapers compare to London. In London most people live in 2 stories house with backyard, so the c ( Full Answer )

How long to sail from London to New York?

You can't sail directly from london to new york. Cunard operate a weekly cruise from Southampton (2hrs drive from london) to new york and it takes 5 days.

Distance New York and london?

The distance between the above places is 3502 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance as seen on the map. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport distance.

Which ocean is between New York and London?

The Atlantic Ocean. The ocean between New York and the west coast of England is the Atlantic Ocean. To get to London by sea, you would then have to continue up the English Channel into the North Sea and then up the River Thames to London.

How far is Buffalo New York From London?

It is 3615 miles (Approx.). Note that this is a straight distance between the twoplaces. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea routechosen.

How do you get from New York City to London?

Virtually all national and international airlines flights are regularly scheduled from Kennedy Airport. Normally departing in the evening and arriving during the morning ... mostly at Heathrow but some go to Gatwick which is closer, better train and much easier to "tolerate." Cabs from heathrow are ( Full Answer )

What does New York stand for?

something to do with a duke of york, or duke york, something along the lines of that.. new york stands for:syrup, sauces, cheese, honey,meats, pasta last but not least baked goods!!!!!!!

London vs New York?

For shopping, go to Florida, its much cheaper. For history, London For friendliness of people, London For diversity of food, London For size of portions, New York For crime rates, London London wins 1 For Universities Education, London 2 For Diversity of people, London 3 For Buz ( Full Answer )

Does nylon come from NY and London?

No it does not. An employee of DuPont once said that the "nyl" was arbitrary and the "on" suffix was taken from other fabrics such as cotton. A later publication by DuPont said that the name for the material was originally intended to be "No-run" but that claim could not be backed-up in practice and ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest London or New York?

Area of London . 659 sq mi (1,706.8 km 2 ). Population . 7,556,900 . Area New York City . 468.9 sq mi (1,214.4 km 2 ). Population . 8,363,710.

Who invent nylon?

It was a team of researchers at DuPont Chemical, headed by Wallace Carothers, and was patented in 1935, but did not hit widespread commercial use until 1939. Sadly, Carothers died in the intervening time, in 1937.

Who invented baseball in New York?

Baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday in the 1860's. Civil war troops played a form of baseball between battles. So, I would imagine it just spread into NY with the men who returned from the war.

What is the London to new york flight path?

London to New York is usually routed directly over the north pole. The earth's curvature means this is the most efficient route. Because of the low temperature planes on this route are often equipped with extra furnaces in the baggage area, which is one of the reasons you are not allowed extra bagga ( Full Answer )

Was pizza invented in New York?

No, it derives from Italy. One variety is even called Regina Margherita after the first Italian Queen ( l85l-l926).

Who invented the New York steak?

some dude who lived in Utah decided to go to New York, there he founded New York city and rasied a cow, and maybe some pigs, anyway one day he was hungry cause he was the only person in New York city and all there was was a cow and some pigs. well he was a vegitarian, and didnt want to kill his anim ( Full Answer )

Distance from New York NY to Buffalo NY?

The distance between the starting point and the destination is 397mi, (639km), and with reasonable traffic conditions it will take approximately 6 hours 15 minutes of driving time.

Roman road from London to New York?

You'd better check your geography. There is no Roman road between London and New York. London is in Europe while New York is in North America. There's the Atlantic ocean between them. No road.

How do you post a letter from New York to London?

Put $3.61 on a standard letter sized envelope with four or less sheets of paper in it and properly address it, drop it in a mail box But To make sure it goes with the correct postage and gets there it is best to mail it from the post office.

What is the font of the 'NY' for the New York Yankees?

There is no font, the letters are unique in design. The familiar interlocking "NY" logo was originally designed by Tiffany & Co. in 1877, and struck on a medal of honor issued to the first NYC police officer shot in the line of duty. In 1909, the Yankees adopted the "NY" as their team logo.

What exactly is the population of New York NY?

During June 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the City of New York was 8,391,881, an increase of 383,600 persons or 4.8 percent since April 2000.

What county is New York NY?

Each borough of New York City is in a different county: New York (Manhattan), Bronx, Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), and Richmond (Staten Island).

Is there a London in New York?

There is a hotel called 'The London NYC' in New York City at 151 West 54th Street. See the link below.

What does MTA stand for in New York?

In New York the MTA stands for the 'Metropolitan Transport Authority'. They are responsible for the public transport within the state of New York and began operating in 1965.

How far is it in miles from London to New York?

The distance is 3465.23 miles from London to New York. This is equivalent to 5576.74 kilometers. Because of this vast distance, the only way to travel from one area to the other is in an airplane.

What is the address for Cesca in New York NY?

The adress for Cesca in New York is 164 Way, 75th Street, New York, NY 10023. Cesca is one of the more expensive wine bars in the US offering Italian inspired food and wines.

How many feet is it to London from New York?

The distance from London to New York is not exact even in terms of miles since there are minor differences caused by the exact route followed. There is, therefore, no exact figure in feet.