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Same-sex marriage was legalized in the Canadian province of Quebec on March 16, 2004.


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Yes, Quebec became the third province in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage on 2004 March 16. Eventually same-sex marriage was legalized all over Canada with the passage of the Civil Marriage Act on 2005 July 20.

Yes. The Yukon became the first territory in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage on 2004 July 16, following Ontario, BC and Quebec. Eventually same-sex marriage was legalized all over Canada with the passage of the Civil Marriage Act on 2005 July 20.

Quebec is the capital of the province of Quebec in the country of Canada

Quebec has NOT separated from Canada.

There are no states in Canada. There is a province of Quebec and the city of Quebec within it.

Yes Quebec is IN Canada but they try to be a country like Canada because Quebec is a lot different from Canada but they did not won.

Canada Day is for all of Canada, while Quebec Day is for all of Quebec.

Quebec is in Canada, if that's what you're asking.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada; Quebec is the provincial capital of the Canadian Province of Quebec.

If by Quebec you mean Quebec city, it is the capital of Quebec, Canada.

Quebec joined Canada in the year 1867.

Canada Montreal is a city in Canada. There is no county. It is located in the province of Quebec.

Quebec is a province located in Canada. Quebec City is a city in Quebec.

Yes. Same-sex marriage was legalized all over Canada on July 20, 2005 with the passage of the Civil Marriage act.Same-sex marriage had been legalized earlier in nine of Canada's thirteen provinces and territories (in chronological order):Ontario (June 10, 2003);British Columbia (July 8, 2003);Quebec (March 16, 2004);Yukon Territories (July 16, 2004);Manitoba (September 16, 2004);Nova Scotia (September 24, 2004);Saskatchewan (November 5, 2004);Newfoundland and Labrador (December 21, 2004); and,New Brunswick (June 23, 2005).

Quebec City is in the province of Quebec in Canada.

Quebec is in Canada, North America.Canada, North America.

quebec is important to Canada because it deversitizes Canada from many other parts of the world

Same-sex marriage became legal in all of Canada on July 20, 2005, when the "Civil Marriage Act" took effect. Before that, several provinces began legalizing same-sex marriage on their own, the first being Ontario on June 10, 2003.Other provinces legalized gay marriage on the following dates:BC, 8 July 2003Quebec, 16 March 2004Yukon Territories, 16 July 2004Manitoba, 16 September 2004Nova Scotia, 24 September 2004Saskatchewan, 5 November 2004Newfoundland and Labrador, 21 December 2004New Brunswick 23 June 2005In 2003, the Ontario Court of Appeals upheld a lower court verdict making same-sex marriage legal in Ontario. Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to have same-sex marriage legalized, leading the way for the eventual passage of the federal Civil Marriage Act (defining marriage as a "union of two persons") in 2005 making Canada the fourth country in the world and the first in the Americas to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.

Quebec is located in Canada.

QC is Quebec or Quebec City.

Quebec is a province of Canada.

Quebec, Canada - 1,553,637 km2

quebec is a little place in Canada

No, Quebec is province of Canada.

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