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December 21st 2012

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Q: When was tennis court oath taken?
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When was the tennis court oath taken?

December 21st 2012

How did the tennis court oath get its name?

the oath was made in a tennis court

When was the tennis court oath painted?

The Tennis Court Oath was painted in 1791.

Where is the tennis court oath located?

The tennis court oath took place on an indoor tennis court in Versailles France

When did Jacques paint tennis court oath?

Jacques did not paint the Tennis Court Oath, it was David

What was the cause of the Tennis Court Oath?

The Tennis Court Oath was an opposition from the people to Louis XVI. The oath was signed by 576 members in a conference room developed in a tennis court.

The Oath of the Tennis Court was taken by Napoleon's soldiers?

No. Napoleon was 19 at the time. He didn't have any soldiers.

What was taken by deputies of the Third Estate to continue meeting until they produced a constitution for France?

An oath called the Tennis Court Oath--named this because the deputies were locked out of the National assembly by the King and were forced to reconvene in the near by tennis court (actually a hand ball court, but they called it a tennis court).

On June 20 members of the national assembly met at the royal tennis court and pledged an oath called?

tennis court oath

What sports were played during the French Revolution?

Mostly, real tennis was played. (The Tennis Court Oath was taken on a real tennis court.) You can find out more about real tennis by visiting .

What is the oath taken in a court of law?

the oath taken in the court of law is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

Why is the tennis court oath important?

1. The Tennis Court Oath is an oath that the people took that they would not break up until a new constitution was formed. The Oath was important because it was the beginning of the French Revolution.

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