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In the summer of 1787 by Delegates and was signed September 17, 1787

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Q: When was th U.S Constitution drafted?
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Was the US Constitution drafted in New York?

No it was drafted in philidelphia

What year was the US Constitution drafted in?

It was drafted in the year 1787.

Which document was drafted on 26th November 1949?

Indian constitution on 26 th of November 1949 and it was accepted on 26 th January 1950.

What came first the articles of confederation or us constitution drafted?

Articles first and then constitution.

Who drafted the constitution of the US?

For the most part, James Madison.

What document was drafted before the US Constitution?

The Articles of Confederation

Ratifying the constitution?

after the constitution was drafted

What city was the Constitution of the US signed and drafted in?

Philadelphia, PA in Independence Hall

When was the Constitution made?

The Constitution was drafted on September 17,1787

What kind of paper or parchment was the US Constitution written on?

The U.S. Constitution was drafted on hemp paper, and the final draft was written on animal parchment.

Who drafted the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

Who drafted constitution of India?


What year did the constitution get drafted?


What were some successes of the US under the articles of confederation?

Winning the Revolutionary War, soon after that we drafted the Constitution.

What government did the us have immediately before the current constitution was adopted?

Before the Thirteen Colonies had the US Constitution, they had formed the Articles of Confederation. The Articles were drafted in 1777 but were not ratified until 1781. The primary purpose of the Confederation was the successful prosecution for th War of Independence from Great Britain.

Who drafted the Constitution of Muslim League The Green Book?

Maulana Muhammad Ali drafted the constitution of Muslim League, 'The Green Book.'

Who favored ratification of the newly drafted Constitution?

The Federalist favored ratification of the newly drafted Constitution. Those that opposed the United States Constitution were known as the Anti-Federalist.

Why is 1787 important and why should you remember it?

The US Constitutional Convention drafted the Constitution in 1787 and submitted it to the States for ratification.

When was the US Constitution ratifed?

Th US Consititution was last signed by Rhode Island on May 29, 1790. Making all thirteen colonies to sign the constitution there for ratifing it. Th US Consititution was last signed by Rhode Island on May 29, 1790. Making all thirteen colonies to sign the constitution there for ratifing it.

Building where the constitution was drafted?

Independence Hall

What document outlined the structure of the new government of the US?

The Constitution outlines the structure of the government in the U.S. The United States Constitution was drafted in 1787 and ratified in 1788.

The US Constitution was drafted as a result of dissatisfaction with what document?

The Articles of Confederation, the first form of central US government, were approved by the states in 1781, but proved too weak to be workable. The US Constitution replaced the Articles in 1787.

Why do we have the third amendment to the US constitution?

The Third Amendment to the US constitution (which deals with the quartering of US troops) exists because the representatives elected to the US congress and Senate felt that the area it covers had been overlooked when the original constitution document was drafted. The original constitution foresaw this eventuality and provides a mechanism by means of which the US constitution could be improved by future generations of American Citizens.

Which amendment to th us constitution gave women the right to vote?

The 19th Amendment (passed in 1920).

When the Malaysia constitution was to be drafted there was a choice between written constitution and unwritten constitution?

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