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When was the 3-second foul lane rule instituted?

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In 1935, a rule was adopted that stopped any offensive player from standing in the free throw lane for more than three seconds. In 1955, the foul lane was widened to 12 feet (3.7 meters) from the previous 6 feet (1.83 meters). These changes resulted in more offensive movement and less rough physical contact near the basket.

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When was the 5 yard chuck rule instituted?

I believe it was instituted in 1994.

In basketball when did the restriction of crossing over the foul lane get established?

The restriction of crossing over the foul lane was established in 1956. The NCAA established the rule that requires free throw shooters to keep both feet behind the free throw line during an attempt after reports surfaced that Wilt Chamberlain dunked his free throws.

Is there a rule for 99 foul balls?


What is the official width of foul lines in baseball?

There is no rule specifying the width of the foul line.

Is there a rule in the MLB rule book that says if a fielder touches a foul ball but does not catch it is fair?

No. The umpire calls the ball fair or foul based on where the ball is when the fielder touches it. If the ball is in foul territory when it is touched, the ball is called foul.

When was the Pathogen Reduction and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points rule instituted?

The Pathogen Reduction and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points rule was instituted in 1996

Explain fair is foul and foul is fair?

This rule describes when the baseball strikes the foul pole. Despite being called the foul pole, the ball is always fair, if it hits the foul pole.

What is a foul in vollyball?

~Since I was on a volleyball team (my middle school year) I can tell you what a foul in volleyball is. A foul in volleyball is a violation or breaking a rule in volleyball.~

What is a rule for ten pin bowling?

Here is an example of one rule of ten pin bowling. A foul occurs when a part of the player's body encroaches on or goes beyond the foul line and touches any part of the lane, equipment or building during or after a delivery. A ball is in play after a delivery until the same or another player is on the approach in position to make a succeeding delivery.

Can a runner on first base steal second on a foul tip?

Foul-tip Rule 2.00 see also; Strike (g) and 6.05(b) There is nothing "FOUL" about a foul-tip. It is a strike and the ball is alive. A foul-tip is the same as a swing and a miss. To be a foul-tip, by rule, the ball must go sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher's hand or glove AND BE CAUGHT. Confusion arises on this because people commonly call any ball that is tipped or nicked a foul-tip. It is not a foul-tip, by rule, unless the nicked or tipped ball is caught. If it is not caught, it is simply a foul-ball. A foul-ball is a dead ball. A foul-tip (a legally caught nick) is a live ball strike, just like a swing and a miss. Read the rule in the Official Baseball Rules

What is one rule john smith instituted in Jamestown?

He who does not work, does not eat.

If a ball hits the foul pole or the netting inside on a bounce but stays in play is it all you can get or a ground rule double?

no its a dead ball for hitting the foul pole, ground rule double

In baseball why is a batter out when he hits a fly foul ball?

I presume you meant to add "and it is caught in foul territory before it hits the ground." The batter is out because that is the rule. And it's the rule because it's the rule. I can't say any more than that.

What the foul rule in volleyball?

putting ur hand over the net

What is one rule about football?

There are two halves in footy matches (45min each) unless it goes to extra time. another rule is if you foul a person, you get yellow or red cards according to the strength of the foul.

Has the penalty for defensive pass interference always been spot of the foul in the NFL?

No. At one time, the college rule was a spot foul and the NFL rule was a 15-yard penalty. It is now the other way around.

In what year was the 3 point shot rule instituted in college basketball?

I wanna say '85.

Why are presidential terms were instituted?

One reason is that it keeps a democracy a democracy, preventing a dictatorship rule.

How long is the foul line in baseball?

In baseball, the length of the foul lines is dependent on the size of the outfield. The only rule is that they must be at least 325 feet long.

How many players can be foul territory when a pitch is thrown?

There's NO set rule ... The whole team can be in foul territory before/while the ball is being pitched ...

What is the most fundamental rule of driving on a two-lane two way road?

Maintain your proper lane of travel.

Does Foul Shot by Edwin A Hoey use poetic license?

No because it is a rule in the NBA.

8ball player pockets his called shoot then hits and 8ball with cue what is the rule?

It is a foul.

How many fouls are there until a foul out?

In the game of baseball there is no rule as to the number. A player can continue to foul balls off for hours. One exception to this rule; A player is out if there are 2 strikes and he/she fouls an attempted bunt. Many recreational and competitive softball leagues state a hitter is out upon a foul ball on third strike. In basketball in American college and international competition, a player is disqualified when they pick up their fifth foul. In the NBA, a player is disqualified on the sixth foul.

If a batter bunts a third strike foul and the ball is not caught is it an out?

Yes. Rule 6.05(d) of the MLB Rulebook states that a batter is out if "He bunts foul on third strike".