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When was the CD player invented?

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Sony released the world's first CD Player called the CDP-101[1] in 1982 utilising a slide-out tray design for the CD. As it was easy to use and manufacture, most CD player tray designs had followed this style of tray ever since. However there have been some notable exceptions.

During the launch of the first prototype CD player 'Goronta'[2] by Sony at the Japanese Audio Fair in 1982, Sony showcased the vertical loading design of the CD player. Although the prototype's design was never really put into actual production, it was for a time adopted for production by a number of early Japanese CD player manufacturers including Alpine/Luxman, Matsushita under the Technics brand, Kenwood and Toshiba/Aurex. For the early vertical loading players, Alpine sourced their AD-7100 player designs for Luxman[3], Kenwood and Toshiba (using their Aurex brand). Kenwood added their 'Sigma Drive' outputs to this design as a modification. A picture of this early design can be seen on the Panasonic website.[4]

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When was the CD player invented and who invented it?

The CD was invented in 2001 Thomas clamps invented it.

What was invented first CD for CD player?

a recorder was invented before a CDplayer or CD

When CD player was invented?

the 1990s. the compact disk (cd) was invented then to replace records.

Why did they invent CD players?

People invented the CD player because at the time, mp3 players did not exist. So, to play music that was recorded onto a CD, they invented the CD player.

What music player was invented in the 1980s?

CD player

Who is the inventor of the CD player?

James T. Russell invented the technology for the CD player in 1965...

Why did the Phillips invented the compact CD player?

Because CD was already invented and people were facing difficulty in playing this since it could not be fit into a cassette player. So, Philips was forced to invent a CD player in which a CD can be inserted perfectly.bychocolad

When was the touch screen CD player invented?

To my knowledge there has never been a touch screen CD player.

Why as the CD player invented?

so you can listen to cd's

Who was the first CD player invented by?

Sony partnered with Philips Electronics and Polygram to design the first CD player in the late 70s.

When was the first CD player invented?

because poop mis very valuable the first CD player was made in 1982 it was called the cdp

Who invented the first CD Player Ever?

Jamie T Rusiel

What is the main purpose of the compact disk player?

The cd player was invented in 1965,by James Russell.

Why was the CD player invented?

The CD player was invented because 30 years back the tape players have a poor sound device and they invented the CD player so people around the world could have a good sound device or you would like to say digital quality sound without feedback noise, as well as more entertainment options for you to chooses from and that's why they invented the CD player The CD player was invented because people wanted to listen to music all around the world. so they could buy cds and keep the songs forever. in the 1700s cds became in stores. people from around the world bought them. and they have been sold ever sinse.

When was a CD palyer invented?

CD players were invented about 30 years ago. In the late 1970's, Sony collaborated with Philips Electronics and Polygram to design a new type of music player. The first CD player was in production for two to three years before it was available to the public. CDP-101 was the first commercialized CD player on the market.

What year was the CD player invented?

1983 The first working prototype was produced in 1979, and CD players were released in 1982

What year was the portable CD player invented?

The Sony Discman came out in 1982.

How was the compact disk player invented?

i-pods suck so they invented compact disk players aka CD playas

Who invented the first CD?

The first cd was invented by sony-phillips.

What music devices were invented between 1979 to 2008?

the walkman, CD player and iPod

What is wrong with a compact disc when you put a CD in and it will no read CD?

If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.

What are the functions of the PlayStation and when were they invented?

The original Playstation was only a video game and CD player and was invented in 1994. The PS2 was 2000 and the PS3 was 2006

What does NO CD mean on Audi CD player?

It means there is no disk in the CD player.

What was invented in 1983?

The CD-ROM was invented in 1983.

When and where was the first CD player invented?

When: over 30 years ago! Where:Tallahasse florida Who: Jamie T Rusiel

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