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I have an Empire Ejector 20 Ga. single shot given to me by my aunt in 1939. It was originally a Christmas present to my cousin in 1935. I assume it was manufactured between 1930 and 1935. Hope that gives you an idea. Carl Spanyer

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Q: When was the Empire Ejector manufactured?
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A butt stock and shell ejector for a NO 15 Empire Ejector made by Crescent Firearms Company?

What was the question?

What is a 32 single barrel shotgun manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Company worth?

Do you mean a 1932 Victor Ejector model? Do you mean a 1932 Victor Ejector model?

What gauge is a No 15 Empire Ejector?

16 gauge

How old is a crescent firearms empire ejector 15?

1900-130 or so.

What is a crescent firearms empire ejector 15 worth?

0-75 bucks

What is the age and value of a No 15 Empire Ejector 12 Ga?

In excellent condition it tops out around $250

How do you remove forearm on No 15 Empire Ejector?

if it does not have a latch? it will pull off staight down & off oil lug

How much is a 12 gauge No. 15 Empire Ejector Crescent Firearms single shot shotgun worth?

50-150 USD

How do you remove ejectors on a lanber?

Got an answer from the importers. The Ejectors are held in place by the Ejector Trips, these run vertically up and into a slot on the ejectors. On the ejector trip is a very small pip with a hole in it, underneath this hole there is a small plunger and coil spring (this keeps the ejector trip in place, not allowing the ejector trip to drop down). To remove the ejector you need to have a small pin punch that you place into the hole of the pip. The process of removing the ejector is as follows, keeping the ejector held into the barrel, insert pin punch into pip hole (depressing the plunger and coil spring), pull the ejector trip very slightly downwards. Releasing the ejector it should now slide out. When replacing the ejector all you need to do is push ejector back into barrel and at the same time push ejector trip upwards locking ejector and ejector trip in place.

15 empire ejector norwick conn crescent firearms cop 12 gauge how old?

@ turn of the century plus or minus a few decades

What did Britain get from the countries in the british empire?

Britain imported raw materials from its empire and sold them manufactured goods.

No 15 Empire Ejector with a big 16 GA gauge It's a old gun and maybe somebody knows what the value is thanx?

150$ usd tops

What are ejector nozzles used for?

Ejector nozzles are used in jet engines. They are the simpler of the nozzles used and are more conventional that iris nozzles. Ejector nozzles are part of a group that includes ejector, iris, rocket, and low-ratio nozzles.

Where can you get a firing pin for crescent firearm no 15 empire ejector 12ga shotgun?

No new parts would be available, but a competent gunsmith could probably make one.

Where do you find information on a Crescent Empire Ejector 410 break over sn711 435?

Crescent made inexpensive "working" firearms 70-100 yrs ago

What products came from the British Empire?

Britain imported raw material and foodstuffs from its Empire and exported manufactured goods back to them.

What imports did the british empire get from the united kingdom get?

Mostly manufactured goods.

When was Ejector Seat Reservation created?

Ejector Seat Reservation was created in 1995.

How do you fix the shell ejector on a 30-30 Glenfield Model 30A?

If you removed the bolt, you probably lost the ejector spring. A new one can be had from Numrich Gun Parts. To replace the ejector spring, remove the bolt, and take out the spring from the bottom of the receiver just behind the ejector port.

Where can you get a forearm for a Crescent firearm No 15 Empire Ejector 12ga shotgun?

go to then look under misc. shotguns the fore arms are $25.00 i just ordered one myself

The principle of an air ejector?

The primciple of the air ejector is to exhaust the air remaining from the processor in excess amount.

Would like to know the value of Crescent Firearms 410 exposed hammer with 15 Empire Ejector Serial 739233?

if its a single shot, then 75-150, a double barrel possibly 300

What is the value of a No 15 Empire Ejector 12 gauge shotgun in good shape?

These single-barrel Crescent shotguns range from < $50 as a parts gun, to maybe $100 if in excellent shape.

How much is a 20 gauge victor ejector shotgun worth?

how much is a gauge victor ejector shotgun worth

HIW OLD IS Victor ejector 12 ga shotgun?

victor ejector 12 ga break action