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it was completed in Nevada in 1936

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How did the Hoover Dam get its name?

After President Herbert Hoover, who was president when it was completed.

When was the construction of Hoover Dam completed?


When was Hoover Dam built?

Construction of Hoover Dam began on April 20, 1931, the dam was completed on March 1, 1936.

When was Boulder Dam completed?

Boulder Dam, or Hoover Dam, was completed in 1936. It took place during the Great Depression. It is 726.4 feet tall.

Who was president when Hoover Dam was completed?

Franklin D Roosevelt

Who was the president of the Hoover Dam when it was completed?

President Franklin Roosevelt

When were dams put into the Colorado River?

The Glen Canyon dam forming Lake Powell was completed in 1966. Hoover Dam was completed in 1936.

Where does Hoover Dam take place?

the hoover dam t6ake place in the black canyon of the colorado river,on the bor der of nevada and arizona. For all infor mation see bellow. The hoover dam was finally completed in1935 from; Anaam Awad Mahamed.

Why was the Hoover Dam named the Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam boarders Nevada and Arizona was named after President Herbert Hoover.

What is the nickname of Hoover dam?

A nickname for the Hoover Dam is Boulder Dam.

Where is the water for the hoover dam stored?

In the hoover dam.

Which is bigger Hoover dam or Glen dam?


How do you spell Hoover Dam?

hoover dam =D

What river does the Hoover Dam dam?

The Hoover Dam dams the Colorado River

Which river does the Hoover Dam dam?

The Hoover Dam is on the Colorado River.

What famous dam is named after president Hoover?

Hoover Dam (also known as Boulder Dam) is the famous dam named after president Hoover

Was Hoover Dam originally called Nover Dam?

Hoover Dam was originally called Boulder Dam.

When did Hoover Dam open?

Hoover dam opened in 1920

Who designed the Hoover Dam library?

There is no Hoover Dam Library.

When was the Hoover dam discovered?

Hoover Dam was built by people.

What was the original name of Hoover Dam?

Original name of Hoover Dam was Boulder Dam.

Who was Hoover Dam named after?

YES. Franklin Roosevelt changed the name of Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam, to honor Mr. Hoover.

What is the Hoover dam made of?

The Hoover Dam is made out of concrete and iron.

How high is the Hoover dam?

the hoover dam is 726.4 feet high

When was Hoover Dam finished?

Hoover Dam was finished in 1935.~Calli