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It would have been made sometime during the 1950's-1960's. It is basically a Savage/Stevens Model 94, worth up to $100.

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Q: When was the JC Higgins 1011 made and is it worth repairing?
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What is the value of a JC Higgins model 1011?

The Higgins 101.1 was made by Savage as a Model 94. It's only value is as a shooter.

Who made my Jc Higgins model 1011 16 gauge?

sears roebuck and company

What age is a Jc Higgins 1011 12 gauge?

I believe you have a JC Higgins model 101.1 This should be a single shot 12 ga. It was made by Savage as the Savage model 94. They were made between 1926 and 1945

What were the JC Higgins shotguns worth?

There were dozens of different shotguns made for Sears under the JC Higgins name. Your question is the equal of "what is a Ford car worth?"

When were j c Higgins knives made?

I have a J.C. Higgins knife. Mine is worth about $120. I found that the company was only in business for one year. 1960.

Who actually made jc Higgins rifles?

All of Sears JC Higgins rifles and guns were made by various manufactures using the Higgins brand name.

How much is model 88 22 caliber worth?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it. jc higgins

What is a JC Higgins 12 ga bolt action shotgun model 583.1 made in the 40-60s worth?


When was the JC Higgins Model 1017 double barrel 16ga made and what is it worth?

Would have been made after WW2 through the 1960's. Value up to $250.

When was the J c higgans model 103 18-22 cal made?

22 rifle made by J.C Higgins Model 31 sold by sears what is it worth

Who made JC Higgins model 20 58359?

Hi Standard made the Model 20 J.C. Higgins for Sears

What is the value of the JC Higgins Topper Model 158 Rifle with the serial number AG266215 and when was it made?

You first have to determine who made the rifle since JC Higgins was a brand name used by Sears. Sears purchased rifles from several different manufacturers (Winchester, High Standard, and Marlin to name a few) and had their name (Sears or JC Higgins) applied. When you have determined who actually made the gun, a JC Higgins marked model is worth about 10-20% less than the manufacturer's model.

What is a jc Higgins 12 gauge pump worth?

Depending on model and condition, about $125. Many were made by High Standard, decent shotguns.

What year was your JC Higgins Model 583.7 made?

The JC Higgins 583.7 bolt action shotgun was made in late 1946 of early 1947.

Are J C Higgins firearms still made?

No. Several companies made guns for Sears under the JC Higgins name. They still exist but no longer make guns with the JC Higgins name.

Who made sears rifles?

All of Sears JC Higgins rifles and guns were made by various manufactures using the Higgins brand name.

What is the value of a JC Higgins model 583.61?

your shotgun was made 1954 by Sears/ High Standard depending on condition its worth 100 to 150 dollars

Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 101.1 shotgun?

Stevens made jc Higgins shotguns ,the model 311 interchanges with the jc Higgins

What year was JC Higgins 22 caliber automatic model number 10146 made in?

What year was the JC Higgins model number 10116 made in

Sears roebuck j c Higgins 22 cal CO2 rifle 126.2831?

Both Crosman and Daisy Air Guns made BB Guns and Rifles for Sears under the JC Higgins name. Your model 126.2831 was made by Crosman (model 180), first in 1956-59 then again in 1962-67. In Excellent Condition it is worth $130 (Like New) In 80% condition it is worth $80 In 20% condition it is worth $55

J C Higgins wooden little league baseball bat stamped trademark 1717. Is it worth anything and what kind of wood is it made out of?

I have the same model I believe; made in Tullahoma, Tennessee, U.S.A. I am not sure if it's worth anything, but I sure hope so.

Who made the model 44 dl J C Higgins 22 caliber rifle lever action and what is it worth?

It is a Model 56 Marlin It is a Model 56 Marlin

What is the value of a JC Higgins Cactus Carbine BB Gun with no rust or cracks and in excellent condition?

This JC Higgins model was made by Daisy air gun. It's a Daisy model 1894 Western Carbine ( Cactus Carbine ) in excellent condition it is worth $100. It was made between 1960-70. It is model 799.19210 for Sears.

What is the age of a J.C. Higgins 12 gauge Model 101.1?

When was the J.C. Higgins Model 101.0 12Gauge Shotgun Made

What yr was the JC Higgins 583.12 20 Ga made?

I was made in 1952.

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