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Most if not all of the J. C. Higgins pistols were made by High Standard.

There is a web site that claims the JC Higgins model 88 22cal revolver was made in the 1960's 1980's for Sears & Roebuck. And also there were a couple of sites that list the price for this gun between $25 and $75 all the way to $150.

As far as the date, however, another WikiAnswers visitor says he bought a new Model 88 in the spring of 1953 as a household gun and still has it in the original box along with all of the documentation on the revolver that came in the box. It was bought at Sears in Wichita, Kansas.

The first guns shipped in February 1955 1953 is too soon The original assembly drawing is dated June 1954.

AnswerI have a J.C Higgns 88. 9 shot,long barrel 22. I traded for this revolver in 1960. I thought and still do believe it had some age on it at the time. I would like to the date it was made. There is some more numbers on. 583 880 on left side and 20135 on the other side.

20,135 woukd have been shiped in late 1955

My email address is if anyone has any thoughts.

AnswerThe 583 prefix on a Sears gun indicates manufacture by either Hi Standard or Harrington and Richardson.

The 583 revolvers were all High Standard manufacture.

1957 or earlierThe first time I was ever exposed to firearms was when I was five years old. My father took me along when he and a friend went out to shoot. I stayed in the car because the noise frightened me. I still have the gun my dad was shooting that day -- a JC Higgins Model 88. The year would have been 1957, so the model 88 goes back at least that far. these revolvers were made by High standard wich was owned by Sears in thouse days this madle was the first revolver made by High standard and at that time exclusive Sears product. It was first introduced in 1955 and was made until 1962 .High standard eventually sold this revolver on their own around 1957 they called it the sentinel revolver These guns are of very high quality and excellent shooters a J C Higgins Model 88 in excellent cond . is on a par with better quality 22 revolvers and usually sell for several hundred dollars.

It was not an exclusive seras product.. Serial number 1 went to Sears and serial number 2 was sold with the High Stadanrd brand. Sears only owned 30% of the High Standard commmon stock It was sold through the end of 1963 and those not sold were returned to High Stadnard and remarked to remove the Sears connection.

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Q: When was the JC Higgins model 88 22cal revolver made and by what company?
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