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When was the SAT exam created?

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The SAT exam was created and first administered in 1901.

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Where sat exam is prepared?

where sat exam is corrected

When was first SAT exam?

The first SAT exam was administered in 1901.

How many questions are there in a SAT II Japanese exam?

There are 60 questions on the SAT II Japanese exam.

How long does it take to complete the sat exam?

The length of the SAT exam can vary. You have approximately 3 and a 1/2 hours to complete the exam. You are also required to complete a 1/2 hour writing exam.

How do you crack sat exam?

By studying hard

What is SAT exam used for?

College admissions.

What are some places that offer practice questions for the SAT exam?

The SAT Collegeboard website offers free practice tests for the SAT exam. These are full length and are based on questions which have been asked in previous examinations.

Registered sat exam centre in Kenya?

No! where and how please

What does the sat exam test for?

The SAT exam tests for your knowledge of basic concepts taught in high school. Your score is compared to the pool of students who have also taken the test with you.

What are the addresses of the SAT prep sites in Chattanooga, TN?

In order to find the next closest SAT location to sit for the exam, you should go to This website has all the information necessary about the SAT exam including the locations where it is offered.

When was SAT Airlines created?

SAT Airlines was created in 1992.

Can a person from Germany take the SAT exam?

yes because I did

Where is the center for registration sat exam in Kenya?

Pouri garhwal

What is a good SAT practice book?

There isn't a book that you can use to study for the sat practice exam. The best way to study for the PSAT practice exam is by going and taking the prep test.

What is the required SAT score to get into iit?

SAT score is not considerd in joining IIT. You have to write IIT-JEE exam to get into it.

What is the difference between the PSAt and SAT?

The PSAT is the practice version of the college entrance exam the SAT. SAT scores are required for entrance to college whereas the PSAT is not.

How do you prepare for sat exam?

You can prepare for the SAT exam by using online as well as physical resources. Khan Academy has instructional videos and practice tests. Many tutoring locations may help as well as many different SAT test preparation books.

What's a reliable website to visit for SAT test review?

An helpful website for SAT preparation is the College Board website, which is The College Board website offers a practice exam with similar question from the SAT exam. The website also offers other features to help with SAT preparation.

Where will you get result of intermediate drawing exam?

Through the institution where you sat the examination

What is the SAT exam?

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a college admission test in the US, now known as the SAT Reasoning Test. It is intended to assess readiness for college.

How many attempts are there for the SAT exam?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can take the SAT exam. However, it is recommended to take it no more than three times. Any more and colleges may think you're not prepared.

Is there an official mock sat test?

Official mock SAT tests are available, however they do not replace original SAT exams. Mock SAT tests will prepare you for the proper formats and content that is used on the official exam.

Registered sat exam centre in Nairobi Kenya?

There is a centre in Pauri Garhwal,

Do you have to take the SAT exam to get into a good beauty school?

I don't think so sweetie you have to apply to the school but they usually don't require that exam .

How do collages look at your sat scores?

Colleges use SAT exam scores in different ways. Some schools consider only the math and reading scores and not the essay score. Some schools are fine with seeing only your highest SAT exam score, while others want to see them all (even if you want to release only the best results under the new SAT score policy). It's common for a student to take the SAT exam twice or even more. In fact, many students report that their scores increase the second time. When you know exactly what scores a college will receive, you can make an informed decision on whether taking the SAT exam again is the best choice for you.

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