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Sears Roebuck model 108.1501 appears to be a type of hacksaw according to the online Sears listings. There was no information regarding when this hacksaw made its debut.


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It a J C Higgins Sears and roebuck 22cal simauto rifel, I paid about $100.00 in 1961.

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The Sears & Roebuck hack saw, model number 108.1501, was built in the nineteen forties. They can be found on Vintage Machinery's website. There are pictures of different vintage tools.

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The Sears Roebuck Model 108.1501 Saw was built possibly in late 2011, and then later released in early of the year 2012. The price ranged in the hundreds when first released.

Sears had this product for sale in the 1950's. Sears got completely out of the gun business in 1980.

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The Sears Roebuck 108.1501 saw model was produced between the late 1940s and the mid 1960s. The saw was carefully manufactured and was very durable, working models can still be found today.

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