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When was the Smithsonian museum built?

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What date was it when the Smithsonian museum was built?


When was the Smithsonian American History Museum built?

1956 - 1980

Who designed the Smithsonian museum castle?

James renwick jr. Desinged and built the smithsonian castle.... He got exepted to build it in 1874...... :)

How old is the Smithsonian museum?

How old is Smithsonian

What is the smithsonian national museum of national history built?

it was built in Grece but then shiped to the United States. it was built in Grece but then shiped to the United States.

What is the biggest museum?

The Smithsonian Museum is the biggest museum.

Is the National Air and Space Museum a Smithsonian?

Yes. The full name of the museum is The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

When was Smithsonian American Art Museum created?

Smithsonian American Art Museum was created in 1829.

Did James Smithson have kids?

No. When he died he gave his money to his nephew. All the money went to the Smithsonian Museum for it to be built.

Is the museum of crime and punishment part the Smithsonian museums?

No, it's not part of the Smithsonian Museums. It is it's own museum, though it is very close to the Smithsonian Museums.

What is the Smithsonian?

It is an amazing museum.

What museum complex you loscated in washingtondc?

The Smithsonian Museum

In the night at the museum where is the museum located?

Smithsonian in Washington, DC

What museum complex is located in Washington DC?

the Smithsonian museum

Where is Smithsonian museum?

Washington D.C.

Which is the largest museum in the world?


Is the Holocaust museum part of the Smithsonian?


Is the smithsonian museum real?

Yes it is very real to our people.Told the Smithsonian Museum is real so is acmanrah also the tablet of acmanrah.

What is a museum found in USA?

The Guggenheim Museum. The Smithsonian Museum. The American Museum of Natural History.

Which is larger Musee Louvre or the smithsonian?

"a night at the smithsonian" says its the largest museum in the world.

Why was the smithsonian castle built?

it was built be a muesam

What items can be purchased in the Smithsonian Museum Store?

One can purchase items ranging from postcards to artificial artifacts in the Smithsonian Museum Store. For more information or a selection of items check out the Smithsonian website.

What is the name of the museum in the movie night at the museum?

The Smithsonian in the second movie

Where is the Smithsonian American Art Museum located?

The museum Smithsonian American Art Museum is located in the United States of America. The exact city the museum is located in is Washington, D.C. and it has the largest collection of art.

When was the Smithsonian built?

in 1787

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