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Q: When was the Treaty of London made?
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Where was Jay's Treaty signed?


Where was the Treaty of Versailles made?

the treaty was made in europe.

Who signed the treaty of London?

Britain and Germany

What country made the treaty with Jay?

He made the Treaty with Britain

Who was president during the jay treaty?

These nuts where president when the John Jay's Treaty was signed in london, in 1794.

What treaty did napoleon sign?

the treaty was the treaty that made Napoleon shorter.

Who made a treaty with Spain?

the person who made a treaty with Spain was Alexander Hamilton

The treaty that was made with the Spanish addressed American trade in New Orleans. What was the name of the treaty?

It was the Pinckney' treaty

Who made the Japanese-American Treaty?

Seward made the Japanese-American Treaty.

Which document prohibited colonists from settling the land west of the appalichians treaty of paris appalachian treaty albany plan treaty of london proclomation of 1763?

Proclamation of 1763

What is the London Eye made of?

Aluminum, steel and glass.

Who founded Belgium?

Belgium was essentially founded by the 1839 treaty of London.

What were 2 copies of the treaty made of?

What treaty? Be more specific.

Why was the Treaty of Versailles a bad treaty?

The Treaty of Versialles was a bad treaty because it made Germany pay for everything! And it made them take blame also they had to subtract the numbers of their army and navy.

When was Made in London created?

Made in London was created in 2000.

What treaty made Russia surrender to Poland?

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

What treaty made Germany accept blame for ww1?

Treaty of Versailles

On May 20th 1875 what countries signed up to the treaty of the meter?


Did great Britain recognize the US as an independent nation in the treaty of London?


Who made treaty with England?


What treaty does Britain have to protect Belgium's neutrality in World War 1?

The Treaty of London also called the First Treaty of London. It was signed in 1839 just after Belgium Independce was won. The agreements were that Belgium would not help any of the warring nations and the warring nations would not attack Belgium.

In which year was Jay's treaty signed?

Jay's Treaty, otherwise known as Jay Treaty, or the Treaty of London of 1794, was a treaty that averted war between the United States and the United Kingdom following the American Revolution. The treaty was signed in November 1794, but not proclaimed to be in effect until February 29, 1796.

What is a good sentence for the word treaty?

The Pilgrims made a peace treaty with the Indians.

In what city was the Peace Treaty between America and England made?

The Peace Treaty between America and England was made in "PARIS" :)

Who made the treaty between the pilgrims and Americans?

Governor John Carver made the treaty between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.