When was the allosaurus found?

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Q: When was the allosaurus found?
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Where did people found the fossills allosaurus?

The first Allosaurus fossils were found in Colorado, USA. Since then, Allosaurus fossils have been found throughout the Morrison Formation in the western USA, the Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania, and the Lourinhã Formation of Portugal.

What country were fossils of the Allosaurus found?

The first Allosaurus was discovered in Colorado in 1869 during the Bone Wars, by Ferinand Hayden. Since then paleontologists have identified seven different species of the Allosaurus. In Utah, over 60 sets of remains have been found in one site, ranging from the eggs of an Allosaurus to full grown adults. The Allosaurus is also the state fossil of Utah. Fossils and remains of the Allosaurus have been found in Asia, Africa, Australia, and all over North America.

Where did Allosaurus live?

Allosaurus was found in North America (USA ) Africa and Australia In the Jurassic PeriodAllosaurus lived in North America.

Where can allosaurus fossils be found?

Allosaurus fossils have been found in the Morrison Formation of the western USA, in states such as Colorado and Wyoming. They have also been found in the Tendaguru Formation of Kenya and the Lourinhã Formation of Portugal.

What kind of food did a allosaurus dinosaurs?

Allosaurus ate other dinosaurs. Allosaur tooth marks have been found on Apatosaurus and one fossil of an Allosaurus has a scar that appears to have been made by a Stegosaurus tail spine.

When was allosaurus found?

The first Allosaurus was discovered in 1877 in Colorado and named by Othniel Charles Marsh. This specimen offered just a few fragments of the dinosaur.

What is the Allosaurus common name?


How did the allosaurus mate?

how did allosaurus mate

What year was the allosaurus discovered?

In 1869, Dr. Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden obtained a second hand fossil of an Allosaurus vertabrae that had come from Colorado. He sent it to Joseph Leidy, who in turn assigned it to the new genus Antrodemus. It is now known that this was an Allosaurus fossil. In 1877, Othniel Charles Marsh found some fragmentary remains of Allosaurus, which he then named Allosaurus fragilis.

What is the allosaurus' scientific name?

Allosaurus fragillis

Why did Brontosaurus get attacked by Allosaurus?

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How many horn does allosaurus have?

Allosaurus did not have horns.

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