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When was the apple IPod created?

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In march 1998 in New Jersey commercial use began in January 2000 i believe

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Who created the apple ipod touch?

I'm guessing em Apple? No?

Who created the first ipod touch?


Who created the ipod shuffle?

Apple Inc.

What compay manufactures the iPod Nano?

The Apple Company created the ipod nano.

Founder of apple iPod?

Someone from apple created it in California! HOPE THIS HELPED!

Who discovered the iPod Touch?

It was created by the Apple company.

Who is the created the iPod?

Steve Jobs and apple Inc.

Where was the iPod Touch created?

The iPod Touch was designed by Apple in California and assembled in China.

What is better an apple iPod or a Thompson iPod?


Can you buy a pear pod?

No, there is no such thing. There is an iPod, which is created by the company 'Apple'

Who invented iPod touch?

Steve Jobs created the apple itouch

Where was the iPod created?

In New Jersey in the Apple Company Building. -Ivette.

Whats the number for the Apple iPod?

which apple ipod (which generation)?

Can you sell an iPod to the apple store?

You can send your iPod into Apple and get 10% off your next iPod!

Who came up with the idea of a touch screen ipod?

The Apple ipod Touch was designed and created by an apple adminThe iPod Touch (trademarked and marketed as iPod touch) is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, and Wi-Fi mobile platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc.from wikipedia

Facts about the iPod Touch?

Apple, the brand that makes iPod's, was created in 1976.

What is the average cost of an iPod from Best Buy?

Apple iPod touch (32GB): $299 Apple iPod touch (64GB): $399 Apple iPod nano (16GB) : $149

When was the Apple iPod released?

The first I-pod was released on October 23rd of 2001 by Apple.. Since the release of the Apple iPod in 2001, under the iPod brand Apple has released many variations of its product such as the iPod classic, iPod Touch , iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano and several spin-off devices such as the iPod Photo.

What is the ticker symbol for the iPod?

iPod is made by Apple. Research the ticker for Apple.

Apple iPod were struked how to open it?

apple ipod classic were struked. how to recover?

How old is the Apple iPod?

The Apple IPod is 10 years old! The first IPod to hit stores was in 2001.

Is the iPod touch a phone as well as an iPod?

No. The iPod Touch (as well as the rest of the iPod line) is a gadget for entertainment, not for communication. Apple has created the iPod Touch for users who do not want the iPhone, and the iPhone is basically the iPod Touch with a phone.

When did apple come out with the iPod?

Steve Jobs launched the Apple iPod back in 2001.

Why is there a logo of an apple on the back of your iPod?

The apple is the logo for the Macintosh company that made the iPod.

Where are there iPod touches for 100 dollars?