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Q: When was the arforgen model introduced as a cyclic readiness model designed to better prepare the army's warfighting units?
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When was the BlackBerry Curve designed?

It was introduced in May 2007.

Economic concepts were designed and and introduced during which period?


How many weapons were introduced in World War 2?

572 weapons were designed. Only 242 were actually introduced and made though.

Economic concepts were designed and introduced during which period?


What is severity in crm?

It is a degree in which a certain incident will impact the achievement of the task and the readiness of an organization. CRM is a tool that is designed that integrates the functions and with real time update.

Why analytical engine was introduced?

Sorry, it wasn't. It was designed but has never been built.

Who designed the 2003 penny?

The Lincoln cent was originally introduced in 1909, designed by Victor David Brenner. Then in 1959, the reverse was changed to the Lincoln Memorial, designed by Frank Gasparro, who also designed the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

Who designed the 2007 penny?

There was no design change in 2007. The obverse of the Lincoln cent was introduced in 1909, designed by Victor David Brenner. Then the reverse was changed to the Lincoln Memorial in 1959, designed by Frank Gasparro.

How do you use initiatives in a sentence?

The company had introduced several initiatives designed to reduce wastage.

When was the Reebok Freestyle athletic shoe introduced?

The Reebok Freestyle athletic shoe was designed especially for women and was introduced in 1982. The shoe was created for the aerobic exercise movement.

Who is the scientist that introduced Corneal transplantation in the Philippines and desiegned a corneal desector?

Germiniao Ocampo is the one who introduced the corneal transplantation in the Philippines - Also he designed a corneal dissector.

Who makes jeep?

the modern Jeep is made by Chrysler, the originals were designed and introduced by the Overland Co.

What is a Personal training par-q?

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire is designed for self-screening by anyone who is planning to start an exercise program of moderate to strenuous activity.

Was the Nike tick logo designed by Carolyn Davidson?

Yes, she designed the "swoosh" logo in 1971. She was paid $35 (about £18) for the design. The first swoosh shoe was introduced in 1972.

Economics concepts were designed and introduced during which period?

Economic concepts were first introduced in the late 1700's in Europe. Taxes and interest rates were among the first concepts of economics.

Limitations result when a system that was designed for a specific hardware configuration become obsolete when new hardware is introduced which one will go this sentence mission or feasibility or relat?

Performance limitations result when a system that was designed for a specific hardware configuration becomes obsolete when a new hardware is introduced.

Who designed the logo for Browning?

The Browning logo was designed by Don Bailey, who was at that time the director of art at Browning. This logo was introduced in the late seventies and has become an integral part of the company's image.

What was a Q-ship in WW1?

introduced in 1914 Q-ships were surface ships that were designed to capture u-boats

When was the harrier jet first designed?

Throughout the late 50s and 1960s, with the first jet being introduced in 1969.

Who introduced metro train?

The Paris Metro was first designed as the Fulgence Bienvenue project in 1896. The first line was opened in 1900. Hector Guimard designed the distinctive art deco entrances.

Who designed the Small World board game?

The Small World board game was introduced in 1999. This game was designed by Philippe Keyaerts, and the game has won several awards including Game of the Year in 2010.

History of computer scanner?

The first scanner for computers was introduced in the year 1957. It was a drum scanner that was designed by Russell A. Kirsch.

In 1941 Konrad Zuse introduced the first programmable computer designed to do what?

floating point arithmetic, but remember it was 100% mechanical

Who designed the pascal language?

In 1971,a Swiss computer scientist named Niklaus Wirth introduced Pascal.

When was the Ford flathead V8 engine first introduced to the market?

The Ford flathead V8 is more commonly known as the "Ford flathead, or "flatty" is an engine designed by the Ford Motor Company. This type of engine was introduced in 1932.