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When was the banjo first used?

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The banjo originated from a variety of West African instruments that amplify the sound of the plucked strings by use of a resonating chamber (often a hollow gourd) covered with a skin membrane. The distinctively African American form of this instrument, however, came from blending this folk instrument form with a neck against which the strings could be fretted, probably an adaptation from the Spanish guitar. The earliest such instruments seem to come from the Caribbean; on Barbados and Jamaica circa 1740 there were accounts of such instruments, referred to as the "bangil," and by the end of the 1700s the banjo is documented in most of the Middle and Southern seaboard states of North America.

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What year did Gibson manufacture their first banjo?

Gibson first began to manufacture their banjo in the year 1918.

What are brackets on a banjo and what are they used for?

brackets are metal hooks that are used to tighten the drum head against the banjo. There are usually about 30 that run around the body of a banjo.

How can the word banjo be used in a sentence?

When lonelyness overtook him, he played his banjo in sorrow

Is there a banjo that comes with a built in pickup?

A Banjo does have a built in pickups. The pickups can be built into the frets and the body of the banjo. A pickup is used to plug the banjo into a system to amplified the sound.

Banjo clefs used on a banjo?

Treble clef unless you're playing a bass banjo which should be played in bass clef.

What is the banjo used for?

The banjo is used for EVERY sort of music. It is especially common in Folk, Country, and Bluegrass. The banjo is also very popular in dixieland bands, Jazz-Danny Barker, rock-(the Eagles used a banjo in MANY of their songs,) Christian-Gregor, and even POP!

Was the first banjo made in America?

Yes. The banjo is native to America, and it was made by slaves. They used it to play along with folk songs and spirituals, and it became more popular after the Civil War.

What minstrel's used as a prop?


What was the name of the first level in banjo-kazooie?

banjo kazooie mumbo's mountain banjo tooie mayhem temple nuts and bolts nutty achres

Is the banjo considered a percussion instrument?

No. It is considered a string instrument. The banjo can be used to some percussive extents, by beating on the body of the banjo with hands, fingers, or picks.

Who first invented the banjo?

haden balo

Where was the banjo first made?

it was made in the south

How did they make the first banjo?

5 strings

What instrument is used in banjo music?

The style of banjo music is associated with country, bluegrass, Irish and folk instruments. The instruments most commonly used are the four, five or six string banjo, and the American fiddle.

Where are all the honeycombs in the first level of banjo kazooie nuts and bolts?

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Is a banjo a chord instrument?

Yes. In fact, most times, chords are the first things you learn when playing the banjo.

Can a banjo be used in jazz music?


Instruments used in Spain?

a banjo is the answer to this question

What country does a banjo come from?

The banjo was invented in the United States. It was inspired by traditional stringed instruments used in Africa.

What was the banjo used for?

The banjo is traditionally a 5 stringed instrument that is often heard in country, bluegrass, and folk music.

What family of instruments are used in the song lambada?

The banjo

What wood is used for a banjo?

The most common woods used in banjo pot construction are maple, mahogany, ash, and cherry. Walnut and koa are sometimes used. Fingerboards are usually rosewood or ebony.

How old are banjo and kazooie?

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What does DUB mean in relation to an ukulele banjo?

It is a manufacturer's designation used by the Rally music company. The UB indicates Ukulele Banjo.

When was the very first Banjo Kazooie game released?

In 1998.