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Officially, on Palm Sunday, April 9th at 3:00pm

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Q: When was the civil war surrender?
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What battle ended the Civil War?

surrender at Appomattox ended the civil war

What were the main causes of surrender of the American Civil War?

The main causes of surrender during the American Civil War are the same reason for surrender in any other war,... one side overwhelms the other.

Who surrender to who in the civil war?

Confederate to Union

Who surrender in the civil war?

Charles II

Who Surrender during the Civil War?


Who or whats surrender began te Civil War?

The surrender of Fort Sumter

What was the importance of the surrender at appomattox?

It was the end of the Civil War.

Where did the South surrender in the Civil War?

Northern Virginia

What starts with the letter you in the civil war?

Unconditional (surrender)

Where was the surrender signed during the Civil War?


Did the southern states surrender in the civil war?


When did lee surrender in Civil War?

Lee surrendered in the civil war to Abraham lincolns hourse in china

The official end of the civil war?

The surrender of the confederate states ended the war

Where was the surrender papers of the Civil war signed?

appomattox, Va

Where did the surrender papers of the civil war signed?

Appomattox Courthouse

Where was the surrender signed after the Civil War ended?

At the Appattammox Courthouse.

Where was the surrender of the confederacy signed civil war?

Bennett Place

Where and when was the surrender of the civil war?

The Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia - 1865 .

How did the Civil War end?

The Civil war ended with the surrender of Lee to Grant in Virginia at Appomattox courthouse. it ended in 1865.

Where were the terms of surrender of the Civil War made?

Appomattux Court House

Where was the surrender papers signed of the civil war?

1836 in appomattox Virginia

What was President Grant's nickname during the civil war?

The Unconditional Surrender

What president was a civil war general and accepted a famous surrender?


When and where did the south surrender in the civil war?

the south surrendered at appotamox courthouse

Where did the confederacy officially surrender from the civil war?

Appomattox Court House