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Zacharias Janssen and his son Johannes (Hans), spectacle makers in Holland, are usually credited with inventing the first compound microscope in about 1590. (Hans Lippershey a spectacle maker in the same city, Middelburg, Netherlands, also claimed credit for the invention but was perhaps more instrumental in the creation of the telescope.)

Two decades later, Galileo Galilei built a compound microscope and changed the lens design lens (convex and concave lens).

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Q: When was the compound microscope invented?
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Who developed the compound microscope?

Robert Hooke invented the first compound microscope.

What was the microscope Zacharias Janseen invented?

Zacharias Janssen invented the first compound microscope.

When was the first microscope invented?

The simple one-lens microscope was invented around the 1100's. The compound microscope was invented in 1590.

When was First microscope was invented?

The simple one-lens microscope was invented around the 1100's. The compound microscope was invented in 1590.

What is the name of the microscope Robert hooke invented?

compound light microscope

Who invented the modern compound microscope?

The first compound microscope showed up around the 1500s in the Netherlands. It was probably invented by Hans Lippershey to Zacharias Janssen.

What did the scientist who invented the microscope use to magnify blood?

He used a compound light microscope

What did janssen invent?

invented the first compound microscope

What year was compound light microscope invented?


Who invented the form of microscope most similar to the ones used today?

Galileo is credited with the first compound microscope. Zacharias Janssen invented the microscope that we use today.

In what year was the compound microscope invented by Robert Hooke?


Why did Leeuwenhoek construct a simple microscope?

Because the newly invented compound microscope's imagery was not as good. The compound microscope was less tiring on the eye, but with a little pain, more detail could be seen with the simple microscope.

Around which time period was the microscope invented?

In 1590 the first compound microscope is invented. The Chinese had been using a water microscope since about 2000 BC. Galileo Galilei and Cornelius Drebbel are two scientist who invented different versions of the microscope.

What did Zacharias Janssen do?

In 1590 Zacharias Janssen (Netherlands) invented the compound microscope.

Who are famous inventors of the microscope?

Hans and Zacharias Janssen invented the first compound microscope in 1590 by placing two lenses in a tube.

How did microspes help us?

Microscopes help us to see tiny objects that can't be seen with the naked eye. The earliest microscope invented was in 1590 in Middelburg in the Netherlands and the inventer was Hans Lippershy and Zacharias Janssen. In 1625 a compound microscope was invented by Giovanni Faber, he coined the name Gailileo Galilei's compound microscope. (Galileo called the compound microscope "occhiolino" or "little eye".) The microscope lead scientists to the discovery of cells.

History of compound microscope?

Though there are no definite facts, it is believed either Galileo Galilei, Zacharias Janssen, or Hans Lippershey invented the compound microscope. Christiaan Huygens was a Dutch scientist who created a compound microscope using achromatic lenses that lessened the skewing and blurring of magnified images.

The history of the microscope?

Dutch spectacle maker Zacharias Jansen made the first compound light microscope. He invented this in the late sixteenth century.

Description of the microscope invented by zaccharias jansson?

Zacharias Janssen invented a compound 9x magnification optical microscope and a single lens optical microscope. It was made up of there draw types with lenses that were inserted within the flanking tubes' end.

Who invented ir microscope?

Who invented the microscope

Who are the scientists believed to construct and use the compound microscope?

An early version of the microscope was invented in 1590 by two eyeglass makers, Hans Lippershey and Has Janssen.

How many lens does a compound microscope have?

A compound microscope has 2 lens.

What is the difference of a simple microscope and a compound microscope?

a simple microscope only have one lens but a compound microscope have two or more lens

Why is the microscope called a compound microscope?

The compound microscope is called compound because the modifier compound means "two or more." A compound microscope has two or more lenses lenses. This is to be distinguished from a simple microscope which has one lens. Such a microscope is structurally equivalent to a magnifying glass, though not necessarily a hand held lens.

What type of cells did Hans and zacharias janssen study?

they invented the first compound microscope to study cells.