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Q: When was the conga drum invented?
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Related questions

Who invented the conga drum?


What is a Quinton drum?

A conga drum

What is a quinto drum?

A conga drum

Do Americans use conga drum?

yes the conga drum in used in some American music. It is not the common though

Does a conga drum have wires on the bottom?

No, but a snare drum has.

What kind of instrument is a tumba?

conga drum

What is a Puerto Rican drum that is similar to the Djembe drum?


When did conga drum originate?

According to Wikipedia, the conga drum originated in Africa. Today, it is used primarily in Latin and Afro-Cuban music.

Where did the conga drum come from?


What is tumba?

a type of conga drum

What is a tumba in music?

A conga drum

What is a conga drum?

A conga drum is a type of drum used commonly in Latin music. Congas are single headed narrow-barreled drums usually played in Paris. They are thought to be based on Sikulu drums that originates from Africa

How is the conga drum played?

use ur hands to.......

What kind of drum did Desi Arnaz play?


Is a conga played like a trumpet?

No. A conga is a drum and a trumpet is a brass wind instrument. Totally different families of instruments.

Where were Conga Drums initially derived?

Conga drums are a drum that when struck create a deep rich sound. These drums are thought to have originated from the Congo region in Africa. These drum are often played during tribal ceremonies,

When where was the conga invented?


What year did the conga drum originate?

1950's is when Its hogan time!!!!

Where were conga drums invented?


What kind of drum is a Tumba?

A tumba is a long thin drum that has different pitches depending on which part of the drum head is hit.

What is the name of a Cuban drum in 5 letters beginning with C?

There is a drum used in Cuban and other latin music called conga.

How to Play a Conga Drum Instrument?

Playing an instrument, such as a conga drum, is fun whether you are musically inclined or not. Aside from that, conga drums are also easy to play. Beginners who would like to try playing conga drums won’t have a hard time learning it, because it is easier to pick up than most other instruments. You can easily become a conga master through constant practice and listening to other conga drum players, or listening to the radio. If you want to learn how to play the conga drum, here are some helpful tips for you. • Try to play a simple beat. When you are just a beginner, don’t expect too much from yourself by trying complex beats. You’re better off starting with simple beats and constantly practicing those beats. If you are playing with one conga drum, use your palm and strike the center of the drum firmly, while leaving it on the surface of the drum so that a bass tone will be produced. For two or more congas, bass notes can be produced on other conga drums with a higher pitch. • To produce different tones, experiment with different techniques. Tones which can be played in conga drums include bass tones, open tones, slap, heel-toes, muted slap and rim shots. Once you have learned these different tones, they can be perfect additions to your talent. • Try playing the open tone. To play the open tone, you need to strike the conga drum between the rim and the center while allowing your hand to bounce off the head and allow the tone to ring slightly. • Try playing the slap tone. You can play the slap tone using your fingers to strike the conga drum. Slaps are done to the same area as the open tone, but can also be slightly closer to the rim. Normally, you would experience sore fingers from playing the conga drum. You can use medical tape or a bandage in order to protect your fingers. Playing drums can relieve stress, but you also need to take a rest in case you get tired from playing.

How was the conga drum made?

Varda darth if you see this please write on my message board. thank you my friendYour asking, how was, as opposed to, how did, in that sense here are soe sites on Conga Drums and Conga like Drums.Although ultimately derived from African drums made from hollowed logs, the Cuban conga is staved, like a barrel. These drums were probably made from salvaged barrels originally. conga drum originates from Africa. The name conga is probably derived from the name of it's homeland, the Congolaise of Africa. Nonetheless, the Conga is also called the Tumbadora

Where was the Steel Drum invented?

the steel drum was invented in trinidad.the steel drum was invented in trinidad.

What is a Tubano drum?

A Tubano is a recent invention of Remo Percussion. You play it like a regular hand drum like the conga or djembe, that is with bass, open and slap tones. It was made as a easy-to-use, entry-level drum that pretty much anyone could play. Honestly there's really nothing too special about the history as it was only invented recently.