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In the late 1700's or early 1800's, as the invention of the cotton gin greatly increased the production and value of cotton. Sorry I can't be more specific of the date though. ^_^"

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What role did Eli Whitney play in th the cotton boom?

he made the cotton gin whitch led to the cotton boom

What was the American cotton boom?

The American Cotton Boom was a increase in the need of cotton which came and led to many technological advancements. The increase of cotton led

Is a cotton boom a place?


What date did the cotton boom start?

The cotton boom started in 1840 because the invention of the cotton gin (short for engine) made cotton production easier. By 1860, the US was producing more than half of the world's cotton.

What was the cotton boom?

a time where the production of cotton was high due to the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whittney

How did the cotton gin lead to a cotton boom in the south?

It was easy to produce cotton with the cotton gin and the South was the perfect place to produce cotton

What were the positive effects in the cotton boom?

The positive effects were that some farmers had alot of cotton to get done so the cotton gin or cotton boom makes it easyer and faster to get done and sold to cotton buyers and cotton buyers were alot more happy to get cotton and good quality,so yeah bye....

Why did the invention of the cotton gin lead to a boom and cotton Production?

It made possible the cheap and fast processing of raw cotton into cotton fiber.

American cotton production underwent a real boom in the late 1790s because of?

the cotton gin

What are some disadvantages of the cotton boom?

Many slaves were needed for picking all of the cotton that was in the planters property.

What American industries did not boom during the 1920s?

Corn Wheat Cotton

What effects did the cotton boom have on the slave trade?

It increased the need for slaves.

What is a cotton boom?

A time when cotton is in big demand. This happened in the Southern states after the invention of the cotton-gin, when they were able to supply the huge worldwide demand for cotton, and that region very quickly turned into a cotton empire.

What was significance of the cotton grin?

Made cotton extremely profitable. Caused a cotton boom in the South. Greater influx of slaves. Arguably an indirect cause of the civil war.

How did the cotton boom affect the economy and society of the South?

Slavery was actually going out before the invention of the cotton gin. However, with its invention, there was an increased need for manual labor to harvest the cotton, and thus slavery boomed again. The cotton boom, therefor, increased the economy and the upper class while re-instating a growth of slavery in the South.

When was the American cotton boom?

From the late 17 century to the end of the civil war in 1890.

What effect did the cotton boom have in the slave trade within the US?

It increased the need for slaves.

Why did the invention of the cotton gin lead to a boom in cotton production?

The cotton gin helped produce more cotton. Instead of only one bail of cotton per worker(slave) you could get one-hundered. In 1864 the us supplied over 77% of Great Britain's cotton.

Which helped Houston Texas more cotton or oil?

The 1901 Oil boom made Houston.

What are some reasons for the cotton boom?

Cotton was a prized crop in the American colonies and later in the United States. There was a worldwide demand for this crop and it was used to make all types of clothing. The US Southern climate was ideal for growing cotton and much of it was purchased by the Northern industrial US States and in England. The demand seemed to have no limits. When the cotton gin was invented in allowed for an easier way to remove seeds from cotton. More cotton was produced and sold worldwide as its demand seemed never to cease. With that said, cotton became a boom crop because of the demand of it in textile mills in the US and in Europe.

Why was the production of cotton so lucrative in the south?

With the production of the Cotton gin cotton production grew. The reason being that with the cotton Gin work for many slaves became work for one. Reducing the amount of people needed to pluck cotton, they had more slaves to put on other cotton gins. The faster and easier work for the slaves made cotton production to boom.

What were the negative effects of the cotton boom?

Slavery in the deep south exploded in size. There was a transition of labor from cleaning cotton to planting and harvesting cotton, because the Cotton Gin cleaned the cotton much faster than manual labor could. Ironicly, the cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney, who was a northerner, in an attempt to end slavery. The opposite happened.

What effects did the cotton boom have on the slave trade within the U.S?

More cotton production meant that more workers were needed to work the fields, pick, and process the cotton. As the bales of cotton production grew so did the population of slaves. By 1860 there were 4 million slaves in the south over 100,000 bales were produced. A great percentage of the cotton was shipped to England.

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