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The cruise missile in its modern format was designed to deliver small nuclear payloads to enemy targets. The first of its kind, the SSM-N-8 Regulus, was first produced in March of 1951.

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What President promoted the development of the cruise missile?

The President who promoted the development of the cruise missile was Jimmy Carter. He believed the cruise missile was better than the B-1 bomber. After he left office, Ronald Reagan changed the cruise missile back to the B-1 bombers.

What are the release dates for Machines of War - 2000 Cruise Missile?

Machines of War - 2000 Cruise Missile was released on: USA: 2006

Who invented the Agni Missile?

A.P.J Abdul Kalam is invented AGNI Missile.

What has the author Dennis M Gormley written?

Dennis M. Gormley has written: 'Dealing With The Threat of Cruise Missiles' 'Missile Contagion' 'Dealing with the threat of cruise missiles' -- subject(s): Cruise missile defenses

What is a missile chamber called?

The standard term for a missile chamber (be it a ballistic missile, vertical launch cruise missile, torpedo, etc.) is simply a tube - straight and to the point.

Is a cruise missile just an expensive firework?

No, and saying it is would be an asinine and absurd statement. A cruise missile is a guided precision weapons system, intended to deliver a warhead to a target.

Preferred to B-1 bomber?

Cruise Missile

What isn't in a sperm cell?

A cruise missile is not a sperm cell.

What is the speed of a cruise missile?

Bramhos 2.6mach speed.. developed by india. by far the fasted crusie missile in the world.

Who was the President that promoted cruise missile?

Jimmy Carter favored the cruise missile over the Rockwell B-1 bomber.Jimmy Carter felt that the cruise missile (derived from the German WW2 V-1) was better than the B-1 bomber, so he cancelled the B-1. Ronald Regan brought back the B-1B, and there are positives and negatives about the B-1B bomber (Combat Lancer), and the tomahawk and cruise missile. They are both good ideas.

Is the b-1 bomber a cruise missile?

No, it is a manned bomber.

What types of missiles were deployed during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

SS-4 medium range missile, SS-5 intermediate range missile, Luna ground-to-ground rockets, and the FKR cruise missile.

Who invented the Cruise Missile?

Experiments for developing Cruise Missiles go as early back as 1916 when Lawrence Sperry developed and patented an 'aerial torpedo' that carried a TNT charge and was auto-pilot. The Cruise Missile as we know today was developed by Germany during World War 2. The V-1, worked on a gyroscopic guidance system and sustained a simple pulse-jet engine. Even though the accuracy was fairly inadequate, V-1 lay the foundation to Cruise Missiles.

When was the first missile invented?


Who invented the sidewinder missile?


Who invented the cruise ship?

canard cruise line

Guided missiles were invented in this country?

Germany invented the guided missile.A list of guided missiles invented by German engineers and scientists:Henschel Hs 293 (Anti-ship guided missile)Fritz X (Anti-ship guided missile)Messerschmitt "Enzian" E-4 (Radio controlled guided missile)Rheintochter (Surface to air missile)Wasserfall (Surface to air missile)

Who invented cruise control?

Ralph Teetor, a prolific (and blind) inventor, invented cruise control

When was cruise control invented?

Modern-day cruise control was invented by a man named Ralph Teetor. He was a mechanical engineer as well as an inventor. He invented cruise control in 1948.

When was the icbm invented?

The Intercontinental Balistic Missile (ICBM) was invented in 1957

Who invented first missile?

Michael I Dundee

Why was the missile invented?

To kill people and destroy equipment.

Who invented Rocket missile?

Werner Von Braun

How do you build a homemade cruise missile for under 500 dollars with a range of 500 miles?

you don't

How do you kill deer in 1 shot?

Shoot them with an intercontinental ballistic cruise missile. That'd for sure do it.

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