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Free elections occurred on 27 April 1994, hence forth known as Freedom day in South Africa.

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AN oil embargo helped end apartheid in South Africa. Another thing that helped end apartheid was that in 1991 the South African government repealed apartheid laws.

Sanctions on South Africa helped end apartheid

Apartheid law in South Africa began in 1948 and ended in 1990.

Nelson Mandela helped end apartheid in South Africa.Apartheid was a horribly discriminating policy.

South Africa overcame apartheid in a good way. After apartheid got freedom and democracy

Apartheid began in 1948 and ended with the speech from De klerk in 1990.

Nelon Mandela saw synonymous with apartheid because he was the biggest helper to end apartheid in South Africa

Nelson Mandela was elected president of south Africa in the first multiracial elections after the end of apartheid. See what did nelson Mandela do? for more info.

Apartheid took place in South Africa from 1948-1990.

Nelson Mandela wanted to end Apartheid in South Africa, so he used civil disobedience and boycotts to end Apartheid.

The helped to end apartheid in Africa.

The founding party of Apartheid was the National Party. The National Party was the ruling party up until the end of Apartheid.

Countries that trade with South Africa put an embargo on them until they stopped the apartheid

Nelson Mandela, who became the president of South Africa, was a major supported of apartheid.

His work to end apartheid policies in South Africa

because he worked to end Apartheid and saved South Africa.

Apartheid was practiced is South Africa from 1948 till 1994.

It concluded with the end of apartheid in April 1994, the first democratic elections being held in South Africa in that time and Mandela becoming the first black president in South Africa.

The apartheid finished in 1994.

Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, is the most famous president of South Africa. He is well known for helping to end apartheid in South Africa.

how apartheid was established in south africa between 1948 and 1960

America never had apartheid. Apartheid occurred in south africa.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu coined the phrase at the end of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.