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the first Olympic games started in 1896

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When were the first olimpic games held?

1896 were the first modern Olympic games

Where were the first olimpic games held?

The first Olympic games were held in Olimpia, grece

When was the first olimpic games held?

1 million billion trillion years ago

Where is the olimpic tourch first lit?

Olympia, Greece, home of the original Olympic games.

What is YOG?

YOG is short for Youth Olimpic Games

Who was responsible for the Olimpic games?

The person who is responsible for the games is Baron De Coubertin

When did they start dooing the olimpic?

They started dooing the olimpic in 1957, when Ghengis Khan staged the games as part of a "warm-up" for invading Guatemala.

How often were the ancient olyimpic games held?

The olimpic games are held every 4 years.

Where was the olimpic torch first lit?

The Olympic Flame was first lit during the opening ceremony of the IX Olympic Games at Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1928. There was a lot lof people there.

Where were the olimpic games held in 1992?

SUMMER WINTER Barcelona, Spain Albertville, France

What Mario or sonic games or movies are currently out?

Sonic Generations, Mario and Sonic at the Olimpic games, Sonic and the Black Knight

What happens at the oplimpics?

At the olimpic games, countries from around the world come together and compete in different sports

Will shadow kill Mario cause Mario beat sonic in the Olympic games?

Wait, who said Mario beat Sonic at anything? And what are 'olimpic' games?

Where do you find vector in mario and sonic at the olimpic winter games?

You find him IN A BETTER GAME <---------That was a crap answer..... :/ U can find it in deep of icepeak.... =]

What are the dates for the Olimpic Games in London 2012?

They are already going on since before the Opening ceremonies and will end on August 12 2012

Which city was the first to light the olimpic flame?

i dont no but you are gay cause you cant spell Olympic ha ha ha

How many sisters does Titanic have?

Two, the olimpic, and the britannica

Is figure skating an olimpic sport?

Yes, it is in the Winter Olympics.

What does the Olympic pledge mean?

olimpic plegde means courage

Is the ship Carpathia Titanic's sister ship?

No. The Olimpic and Britannic are.

What do the 5 olimpic rings stand for?

Black means excellence Blue means perticaption Yellow means competition Red means hope and Green means unity. Yes And Its Olympic Not Olimpic...

What is the Olympics stadium called?

The Olimpics Stadium is called The Olimpic Stadium.

What country has one the second most gold medals in one olympic?

roughly italyhas one the second most gold medals in the olimpic!! roughly italyhas one the second most gold medals in the olimpic!!

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