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1917. See the Related Link.

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When was world book published?

According to Wikipedia, the first edition of the World Book Encyclopedia was published in 1917.

When was the World Book published?

The first edition of the World Book Encyclopedia was printed in 1917.

Where can one purchase a World Book Encyclopedia?

The World Book Encyclopedia can be purchased directly form the World Book website. World Book is owned by the firm of Scott Fetzer. It was first published in 1917.

When was the latest edition of the World Book Encyclopedia published?

As the world is constantly changing, the World Book Encyclopedia is generally published each year. New editions of the World Book Encyclopedia have been published since 1917, and continue even today in 2013.

Where is world book encyclopedia published?


Where was the World Book Encyclopedia published?

Chicago IL

What city is the World Book Encyclopedia publishing city?

World Book is published in Chicago.

When was the world book encyclopedia published by Dorothy Straight?

Dorothy Straight didn't publish a world book encyclopedia, but she did publish the book: How the World Began in 1964 when she was four.

When was world book encyclopedia volume 8 published?


How many volumes in the world book encyclopedia?

Depends on the year it was published.

Who published the world book?

Perhaps Field Enterprises Educational Corporation.World Books are published by a company called World Books!World Book, Inc. publishes the World Book Encyclopedia.Published by Jim Hickson

When was the first encyclopedia made?

The first encyclopedia was published in France in the 18 century. It was a collection of facts summarized into a book that could be studied.

Which is the best encyclopedia for students?

World Book Student Encyclopedia and World Book Discovery Encyclopedia

Who is the editor of world book encyclopedia?

There is no one single editor for the World Book Encyclopedia. The World Book Encyclopedia has a group of editors who are known as the World Book editors.

When was the first Guinness World Records book published?

The first annual Guinness World Records book was published in 1955.

When was world book online published?

Since 1998, in addition to the print and CD-ROM editions of the 22-volume, 13,800-page encyclopedia, World Book has published an online version called the World Book Online Reference Center.

When was World Book Encyclopedia created?

World Book Encyclopedia was created in 1917.

What company made The World Book Encyclopedia?

World Book has been owned and published by various companies since it first premiered in the early 20th century. The World Book official website has a history of publishers, companies, etc. Visit the Related Link.

Is Dorothy Straight the author of The World Book Encyclopedia?

No. The Dorothy Straight that I know of is the author of the book How The World Began. She wrote it when she was 4 years old, and is the youngest published author.

When was the first Guiness Book of World Records book published?

1955 was when.

What book was first published in the world?

The first book that was published was the bible. Because the word was God(read john chapter 1) and was there in the beginning. So the bible was the first book.

What is the value of 1976 world book encyclopedia set in great condition?

value of world book encyclopedia 1976

Which is the best book ever published?

BIBLE is the best book ever published and its the first book in the world to be printed and it's the best book to read! :)

Which book was first published in the whole world can anybody tell me the name of first book?

The Gutenberg Bible.

Who is the author of The World Book Encyclopedia?


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