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In 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first airplane capable of flight. It was made of wood and canvas.

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Could George Washington fly in a airplain?

No, airplanes were not invented until almost 100 years after his death.

How old was Amelia Earhart when she flew her first airplain?

24 thst was also when she got her first plane

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How did the Wright brothers become famuos?

the whright brothers made and tested the first airplain ever.

What was the first airplain made of?

The first airplanes were almost all made of spruce wood and muslin covering. The spruce was light and strong.

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What year did de vinci plan the airplain?

da Vinci made the first real studies of flight in the 1480's.

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When was the first vehicle invented invented?

The wright brothers invented the first airoplane

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