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When was the first coin invented?

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I think 700 BC in Lydia.

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Who invented the first gold coin'?


When was the dollar coin invented?

The first US Dollar coin was minted in 1794.

When was the first greek coin invented?

670 BC

Who invented the first US dollar coin?

George Washington

What was the first civilization to coin money?

The first civilization to coin money were the Lydians. Coins were invented in Lydia in around 660 B.C.

What year was the coin invented?

The first coin was the Lydian Lion. The Lydian Lion was fabricated in 3500 BC.

Who invented the first Greek coin?

the Greeks would be my 1st guess

Who invented the coin changer?

who invented the coin changer? was a very rich man

Who invented money in paper and coin?

The first coins were stamped around 650 - 600 BD by the Lydians. Some believe that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to invent and use coin money. The first paper money is believed invented by the Romans around 100 AD.

Where was the first coin invented?

The first coin was made in India. The purpose of it was to have a system of money so people could trade. This brought on a whole new era within India.

When was the 10c coin invented?

The Australian 10 cent coin was "invented" in the early 1960's when the Australian Government of the day decided that Australia would change to a decimal currency. It was first issued on the 14th of February, 1966.

Who invented coins?

According to Herodotus, the Lydians were the first people to introduce the use of gold and silver coin.

When was the British One Pound coin invented?

The British decimal One Pound (nickel brass) coin was first issued in 1983. A gold One Pound coin was issued from about 1489 until 1604.

When did the Lydians invent the coin?

The Lydians invented the coin around 500 BC

What is the name of the person who invented money?

The Phoenicians1500 BC were the first people to use metal money There is no record of the actual person that minted the first coin hower.

Who invented the 50p coin?

me, i did you battyman you gaybender

Who invented the Five Pound coin?

The Royal Mint "invented" the Five Pound coin. The gold Five Pound coin (quintuple Sovereign) was first issued in 1820 when it effectively replaced the Five Guinea coin. The gold Five Pound (Sovereign) coin was issued infrequently, mostly when a new King or Queen took the throne, and in their various Jubilee years. The modern gold Five Pound coin has been issued as a non-circulating bullion coin since 1980. The decimal cupro-nickel Five Pound (Crown) coin was first issued in 1990 and is intended as a legal tender non-circulating commemorative coin, usually commemorating some regal event or occasion.

Who invented the coin changing machine?

no one knows who really invented the change machine

In what year was the first coin sorter machine invented?

Roger M. Brewster submitted the original U.S. patent for a coin sorting machine. The invention was believed to have been completed around the year of 1909.

Who invented the coin sorter?

A man named Brewster.

What year was a one pound coin invented?


When was the first us coin made?

the first U.S. coin was made in 1795

When was the first mercury coin made?

the first mercury coin was made in 1916.

What was invented First the train or the car?

The first train was invented in 1814,and the first car was invented in 1672. So, the car was first invented.

Britain first decimal coins?

The 5 New Pence coin was first issued in 1968. The 10 New Pence coin was first issued in 1968. The 50 New Pence coin was first issued in 1969. The 2 New Pence coin was first issued in 1971. The 1 New Penny coin was first issued in 1971. The Half New Pence coin was first issued in 1971.

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