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In 1950, by Diners Club.

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Q: When was the first credit card ever issued?
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Is a Visa card a good card to have?

A good thing is to have one credit card, whether it be a Visa or a Mastercard. I say this because if you ever get into a jam most rental car companies will not take a debit card, it must be an actual credit card.

How does one obtain an airline credit card?

The use of credit cards has ever been increasing, with specialty credit cards on the rise. One might contact the specific airline they are interested in to go about receiving an airline branded credit card.

Where can you use your car care one credit card?

Where ever it's excepted.

How do i get a Credit card for with no credit history?

When you don't have a credit history, it can be difficult and frustrating when trying to obtain a credit card or other type of loan. Establishing your initial credit history can be a Catch-22. If you don't have credit, not many places are willing to give you credit, yet how can you ever establish credit if nobody is willing to give you any.

How do you pick a lock with a credit card?

picking a lock in the traditional scence with a credit card seems like it would be very time consuming and unpractical, not to mention destructive to the credit card. When most people think of opening a door with a credit card, they are referring to a door that has a lock built into the doorknob, by inserting the credit card between the door and the doorframe you can effectivly press in the latch and open the door without ever unlocking it or touching the lock.

Can you loose home to credit card debt?

No. Credit card debt is unsecured and they can take nothing from you ever. They can only harrass and threaten and trick you into settling for a percntage of what you owe.

Can someone hack you if you let them use their credit card information on runescape?

No. No one will ever get your runescape password even if you let someone use a credit card, you only know the password to runescape. If you are talking about someone hacking you on runescape via credit card then no, because credit cards contain information about your card and not your runescape account details.

Does it cost anything to transfer your credit card balance to another card?

When transferring a balance from one credit card to another, a transfer fee is usually charged. This fee is a percentage of what ever the balance is. A higher balance means a higher fee.

Can a credit card company activate your credit card before they send it out without your permission?

No. Major reputable credit card companies won't even activate your card until you have the device in your hand.Reputable credit card companies will NOT activate your card prior to sending the card out regardless of your permission. Activation by trustworthy credit card companies ONLY is derived after the card is mailed AND you have provided both identity and physical proof that the card should be activated.AnswerA credit card company is not allowed to activate a credit card unless they have your permission,or there are some type of term or condition that allows them to do that .Try calling the company and ask why it was activated w/o your permission, and definetely make sure that they never do it again,and make sure no other credit card company can ever do that.

What is the best way for people with bad credit to get credit?

The best way for people with bad credit to get credit is to rebuild their credit score, this can be done by clearing off past due bills and bad debts, how ever responsible users can avail of department store credit cards or some credit card companies will offer people with bad credit score history a special credit card.

Can a joint holder ever be removed from a credit card?

Yes, After balances has being paid in full.

When was the first British Five Pound coin issued?

The first ever British Five Pound coin was issued in 1820 as a gold Proof FDC coin. The first general circulation British Five Pound coin was issued in 1887 as a gold coin. The first ever British decimal Five Pound coin was issued in 1980 as a gold Proof FDC coin. The first general circulation British decimal Five Pound (Crown) coin was issued in 1990 as a cupro-nickel coin.

If you do not have a credit history is it harder for you to apply for a credit card?

Of course. Your credit report is a history of how you have managed debt. If there is no history recorded on you, how can a lender use that ordinary way to assess your level of risk as a borrower? Many lenders prefer to see bad credit over non-existent credit. It's unfortunate, because credit=debt. But in modern financial life, you have to have a credit record to get future credit, so we all need to get credit and manage it properly. Good luck to you! You would think so, wouldn't you? But my first credit card was a gold card with a $5000 limit. I got the application in the mail, filled it out and in no time I had my first card. Fortunately, I had the sense not to use it. I was married and just wanted a card to establish my own credit in case I ever ended up on my own. I was 19, had no job or income of any kind, and no one co-signed for me. I don't understand how CCC can get away with giving cards to people with no income.

Whats the fastest way to raise your credit score?

Get a credit card, buy things with it and pay them off IMMEDIATELY when you get the bill. As long as you are NEVER late, this kind of credit (called revolving credit) will raise your score quickly. If you are ever, ever late this will lower your score even faster.

What is your credit card number you used to a dragon amulet in Dragon Fable?

Dude, no one is going to answer this question because no one is ever going to give you there credit card number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok its.....954uradumbass

Where can you use your credit card at and how?

You can use it every where. Market, stores, shopping mall. You can use it where ever you go to buy things. Credit card is like money instead you don't use paper money. You can use it by swiping the card on a machine when you buy something.

Will mr.reese ever give Logan a new credit card on zoey 101?

i don't think so

Was Honus Wagner the first baseball card ever?


What was the first pekemon card ever made?


What was the first ever baseball card?

Homus Wagner

What was the first ex card ever made?

Rayquaza ?????

Will you go to jail for not paying your credit card?

More than likely you will not go to jail. If it was obvious that your intent was to run up a ton of credit card debt and you had no intentions of ever paying it, then you could be going to jail. Normally it will just ruin your credit for years and years to come.

What was the name of the first stamp ever issued?

It is called the penny black for obvious reasons.

What are some credit card processing online payment companies?

Many credit card companies these days also process online payments. Some of these companies include the ever so common Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Have you ever heard of a credit card union workers credit services 1327 empire central suite 130 Dallas TX 75247?

No not until i got the mail