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The first episode of Tracy Beaker aired on 8 July 2002 and was called "Tracy Returns To The Dumping Ground".

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Q: When was the first episode of Tracy beaker made?
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When was Tracy beaker made?

in 1972

When was the electric keyboard made?

on the tracy beaker show

Who made the book Tracy beaker?

Jacquliene Wilson

What was the first Tracy beaker episode ever made and where can it be watched?

It is the one where Tracy strops in because her old foster parents dumpee her and sees that her former bff louise has sided with Justine Too-smelly-for-words Littlewood. It can be seen on You Tube and sometimes on Cbbc channel.

How many Tracy beaker DVD made and jacquline Wilson books to?

over 100 books and films made. hope this has helped!

When was Tracy beaker returns made?

The first series was released on TV on 8 Jan 2010, second was released on 7 Jan 2011 and third was released on 6 Jan 2012

What programs has dani harmer been in?

Dani Harmer is most famous for her role in Tracy Beaker, when she was quite young. Since then she has made a programme called Dani`s House and is starring in the new series of Tracy Beaker Returns. She has also launched her singing career. So she has made around one, which was her idea.

What is the name of Jacqueline wilsons best known character?

It's probably Tracy Beaker, it has been made into a TV show and there are 2 books about her.

What books has Jacqueline Wilson made into tv shows?

The story of Tracy Beaker, Best Friends, Dustbin Baby and The Illustrated Mum.

What are any cars made of?

cars are made of beaker cars are made of beaker

What did J.K. Rowling get prizes for?

Her amazing mind to write fantasy books, one of her best was Tracy Beaker which was then made into a TV series running on the CBBC channel from 2002 - 2012.

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