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When was the first floppy disk created?


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Floppy disks were introduced in 1971 by IBM.

  1. 8-inch - IBM 23FD (read-only) - 1971 (79.7 KB)
  2. 8-inch - Memorex 650 - 1972 (175 KB)
  3. 8-inch - SSSD IBM 33FD / Shugart 901 -1973 (237.25 KB)
  4. 8-inch - DSSD IBM 43FD / Shugart 850 - 1976 (500.5 KB)
  5. 5¼-inch (35 track) Shugart SA 400 -1976 (89.6 KB)
  6. 8-inch DSDD IBM 53FD / Shugart 850 - 1977 (980 KB)
  7. 5¼-inch DD - 1978 (360 KB)
  8. 5¼-inch Apple Disk II (Pre-DOS 3.3) -1978 (113.75 KB)
  9. 5¼-inch Apple Disk II (DOS 3.3) -1980 (140 KB)
  10. 3½-inch HP single sided -1982 (280 KB)
  11. 3-inch -1982 (360 KB)
  12. 3½-inch (DD at release) - 1983 (720 KB)
  13. 5¼-inch QD - 1983 (720 KB)
  14. 5¼-inch HD - 1982 (1.2 MB)
  15. 3-inch DD - 1984 (720 KB)
  16. 3-inch Mitsumi Quick Disk - 1985 (256 KB)
  17. 2-inch - 1985 (720 KB)
  18. 2½-inch - 1986 - ?
  19. 5¼-inch Perpendicular - 1986 (10 MB)
  20. 3½-inch HD - 1987 (1.44 MB)
  21. 3½-inch ED - 1987 (2.88 MB)
  22. 3½-inch Floptical (LS) - (21 MB)
  23. 3½-inch LS-120 - 1996 (120 MB)
  24. 3½-inch LS-240 - 1997 (240 MB)
  25. 3½-inch HiFD - 1998 (200 MB)

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Allan Shugart invented the first floppy disk in 1967 which was 8 inches in diameter.

a floppy disk slot is what you put the floppy disk in on a CPU

A floppy disk is a magnetic disk used to store computer data. A floppy drive is the drive that the disk is inserted into to read and write data on the floppy disk.

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The 3½ inch floppy disk has 1.44 MB disk space. The 5¼ inch floppy disk has 1.2 MB disk space. The 8 inches floppy disk has about 1 MB disk space.

It's higher than Floppy Disk Associate, but not quite Floppy Disk Board of Directors.

A floppy disk DRIVE can read, erase and save information on a floppy disk. The disk can't do it by himself.

To read a floppy disk, you insert a floppy disk into a floppy disk drive. Not all computers have floppy disk drives. Typically desktop computers or ones that stand on the floor have floppy disk drives. New machines today allow a USB thumb drive (USB flash memory storage device) to be used in place of a floppy drive. All modern computersy have USB connections. If you need to read a floppy disk and you computer does not have a floppy disk drive, you can purchase a USB connected floppy disk drive for your computer.

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The the original size of the first floppy disk ever made, was 8 inches and stored 80 kilobytes.

The term "Floppy disk" is also used in German as is "Diskette" or "Floppy"

wat's the date of when the floppy disk was invented? wat's the date of when the floppy disk was invented?

1. Floppy disk is portable. 2. Floppy disk are inexpensive storage medium.

A floppy disk is called a floppy because the original floppies were 8 inches wide and the disk was made out of vinyl so they were really flimsy and "floppy" hence came the name floppy

Alan Shughart - Melili100 :)

The "A:" drive is the first floppy disk drive.

Keep the floppy disk away from magnetic fields.

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Floppy Disk Drive - Around 200-300 Rs.. Floppy Disk - Around 10-15 Rs..

Correction: the "A" Drive is a floppy disk dirve that holds, reads and writes on the floppy disk.

No, the floppy disk was really square and floppy. It was the original storage for the earliest PCs. Later there was a "floppy disk" that was smaller and hard. After that the round and hard CD.

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