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The simple one-lens microscope was invented around the 1100's.

The compound microscope was invented in 1590.

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Who invented light microscope?

Robert Hooke invented the first light microscope

What was the microscope Zacharias Janseen invented?

Zacharias Janssen invented the first compound microscope.

What was the first invention invented?

the microscope

Who the first invented microscope?


Why was the first microscope invented?

the microscope was originally invented so that scientist could get a better look at cells

What year was the first microscope used?

What is considered to be the first "true" microscope was invented in Holland in about 1595.

Who is the first who invented the microscop?

The person who invented the first microscope was Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek.

Did Robert Hooke invent the microscope?

he didn't, but me invented the first modern microscope

What year was the microscope invented in?

The first microscope was made around 1595 in Holland.

Who developed the compound microscope?

Robert Hooke invented the first compound microscope.

Where was the first microscope invented?

I do not know...LOL

How did the first microscope work?

The first microscope was invented by the Chinese in about 2000BCE. They used a water microscope consisting of a lens and a water-filled tube.

Who invented the ion microscope?

In 1936 Erwin Müller invented the field emission microscope, and in 1951 he invented the field ion microscope and was the first to see atom atoms . In 1967 he added time- ...

Who invented the first tunnel microscope?

The first scanning tunneling microscope was invented in 1982 by Binnig and Rohrer. They won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986 for their invention.

Who invented the form of microscope most similar to the ones used today?

Galileo is credited with the first compound microscope. Zacharias Janssen invented the microscope that we use today.

What did janssen invent?

invented the first compound microscope

Who invented the first light microscope?

anton vonleevonhooke

Who invented the first modern microscope?

Ernst abbe

Who invented the very first microscope?

Zacaris Johnson

Who invented the worlds first microscope?

Robert Hooke.

Who the first invented the microscope?

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Who invented ir microscope?

Who invented the microscope

Around which time period was the microscope invented?

In 1590 the first compound microscope is invented. The Chinese had been using a water microscope since about 2000 BC. Galileo Galilei and Cornelius Drebbel are two scientist who invented different versions of the microscope.

Who first invented the dark field microscope?

August Kholer in 1903 created the world's first dark field microscope

Who invented the first optical microscope?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek