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The first pair of jeans that were invented were the blue jeans

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Q: When was the first pair of pants was invented?
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Who made the first pair of pants?

The first pair of blue jeans were first invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, as far back as the year 1873.

When was hot pants invented?

hot pants was invented in the 1960's they were a short pair of pants that came all the way to the thighs

Who invented pants for the first time?

pants was invented in Persia for the first time.

Who wore the first pair of pants?

Anna Ryan

What did arf the dog give his master for his birthday?

A pair of pants.

When was the first slippers invented?

who invented the first pair of slippers

When was First pair of eye glasses?

The first pair of eyeglasses were invented in 1285. But That was only when the first pair of farsighted glasses were invented. The first pair of nearsighted glasses were invented in about 1430. Only higher class people could afford them. -00-

Who made the first pair blue jeans?

The first pair of blue jeans was made by a man named Levi Strauss. He invented what has come to be called "Levis" for the miners, who were always complaining that their pants wore out or ripped. Levi then constructed work pants out of some tough canvas material he had, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Who inventad pants?

Jacob W.Davis, born in Latvia, invented the first working pair of trousers, also called 'pants'. He was a tailor back there and he moved from Russia to the US to again open up a tailor shop.

When were the first pair of boots invented?

They were invented in 1452!

How many pants is a pair of pants?

A Pair of pants is two pant legs and a waist.