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The first particle accelerator was built more around the time of 1927 (resonance linear accelerator) about eight years after Rutherford first split the nucleus. But not too sure one that, I have other sources saying 1929, but definitely not as late as 1972. I do know that the first successful cyclotron (a type of circular particle accelerator, which was basically the ground work for the cynchrocyclotron spelling?) was built and tested in 1931 by Ernest Lawrence.

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Q: When was the first particle accelerator built?
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Where was the first particle accelerator built?

The first and the most common one is a simple radio

What was the first synthetic element to be made by a particle accelerator?

The first synthetic element to be made by a particle accelerator was technetium

What was the first synthethiv element to be made by colliding nuclei in a particle accelerator?

Technetium is the only element below uranium that does not exist on Earth. It is a synthetic (man-made) element produced in a particle accelerator

What was the first synthetic element to be made by colliding nuclei in a particle accelerator?


What particle can not be accerlated by the electric or magnetic field in a particle accelerator?

The ones that have more mass than the accelerator can move.

A particle accelerator can increase the kinetic energy of?

an alpha particle and a beta particle

What can a particle accelerator increase the kinetic energy of?

an alpha particle and a beta particle

What does a particle accelerator do to atoms?

Nothing unless the atoms form a target. A PARTICLE accelerator accelerates PARTICLES not atoms.

Is a particle accelerator used to provide charged particles with sufficient kinetic energy to penetrate a nucleus?

yes it is a particle accelerator ;D

What branch of physics uses particle accelerator?

Particle Physics

Where can someone find CERN particle accelerator?

CERN is the largest particle physics research laboratory in the world. People can arrange a visit to CERN. The particle accelerator is included in the itinerary.

Is it possible to get more speed then light to the particle with accelerator?

No. The more energy the accelerator can give the particle, the closer the particle can approach to the speed of light, but it can never reach exactly that speed.

What is the name for a particle accelerator?


Which particle is accelerated in a particle accelerator?

You could choose any element to use in a particle accelerator, but the most commonly-used one is Hydrogen- it's the smallest, the lightest, and most abundant of all elements.

What are the release dates for The Compact Particle Accelerator - 2012?

The Compact Particle Accelerator - 2012 was released on: USA: 8 March 2012 (internet)

Who invented the particle accelerator?

The man who invented the particle accelerator in 1929 was a man by the name of Earnest O. Lawerance. He was a great inventor this man named Earnest Lawerence.

What is a particle accelerator and how is it used?

A particle accelerator is a device that accelerates sub-atomic particles to create a nuclear reaction. It is also called an Atom Smasher

What is the nickname for a particle accelerator?

Atom Smasher

How did the flash became the flash?

He was hit by lighting from the particle accelerator .

When was the synchrotron invented?

The synchrotron was invented and first constructed by Edward McMillan in 1945. The machine is a particle accelerator that is derived from the cyclotron.

What is the fasting accelerating object in the world?

a particle accelerated by a particle accelerator - That's my best guess

How does a particle accelerator work?

With the help of a particle accelerator, a scientist can get a particle such as a proton or neutron of a hydrogen atom (without the electron) to accelerate at incredible velocities, and then collide them with another proton or neutron of a hydrogen atom or a fixed target. Basically, an accelerator takes a particle, speeds it up using electromagnetic fields, and smashes the particle into a target or other particles. Surrounding the collision point are detectors that record the many pieces of the event.

What scientific machine smashes atoms?

A particle accelerator.

When was the particle accelerator invented?

The "Bevatron" at Berckley in 1954

What is technical name for the Atom smasher?

A Particle Accelerator.