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The first silent movie made was, "The Great Train Robbery", made in 1903.

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Q: When was the first silent movie?
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What was the first silent movie ever made?

1903 - First Silent Movie: The Great Train Robbery

When was the first silent movie done?

The first silent movie made was, "The Great Train Robbery", made in 1903.

What was Alfred Hitchcock's first silent movie?

Always Tell Your Wife, which was a remake of the 1914 version, was his first completed (silent) movie.

What was the first silent movie in English?

U r saying it as silent movie.. Then how can u find it is in English?

When was the first silent movie created?


Which was the first Indian movie?

Raja harishchandra (1913) was the first Indian movie it was a silent movie

When is silent hill 2 the movie coming out?

The sequel to the first Silent Hill movie is coming out sometime in 2012.

What was the first movie made in California?

In Old California A silent movie

What are the names and dates of three silent movies?

1st silent movie : i am silent 2nd silent movie : we are silent 3rd silent movie : they are silent

Who made the first silent movie?

thomas edison

What was the first Indian silent movie?

Raja Harishchandra

Are they making a Silent Hill 2 movie?

There will be a second Silent Hill movie, called Silent Hill: Revelation. However, it is a continuation of the first Silent Hill movie, and based off of what seems to be the third game.As for making a movie based off Silent Hill 2 the game, no.

Which is the first Malayalam movie'?

The first film in Malayalam is 'Vigathakumaran' (It was a silent movie). The first talkie in Malayalam is 'Balan'.

What is Turpin's first name of the silent movie era?


The first silent movie was produced by?

Peter Mark Raget

What is the scary movie that has zombie nurses?

Silent Hill has zombie nurses. The first one is the best movie.

What was the first silent movie to have a soundtrack added?

napoloen by abel gance

What was the first movie released to feature Jay and Silent Bob?


What was the first silent movie title called?

The Great Train Robbery.

What year was phantom of the opera first performed?

1925, in a silent movie.

Is silent hill a silent film?

No, Silent Hill is not a silent movie.

What was the first Indian movie?

There were 2 movies which can be said as first. The first sound movie and silent movie. These were made in 1913 and 1931 respectively.

What was the first-ever movie made about a vampire?

Nosferatu was the first Dracula movie ever made which came out in 1922. There was a silent film featuring a vampire released in 1913 called the Vampire, which to my knowledge was actually the first vampire movie. Vampire of the coast in (1909) was the first vampire movie ever made and it was a silent movie.

What are the key features of a silent movie?

its silent.

When was the first Snow White movie?

1902; a silent black and white film.