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The first time Jews were placed in Concentration camps was in 1934.

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When did the Nazi concentration camps start?

The Nazi concentration camps started in March 1933. At that time they were mainly for political opponents, not for Jews.Dachau , one of the first Nazi concentration camps, opened in March 1933

When did the Nazis start puting Jews into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were put into concentration camps for being Jewish was after Kristalnacht, some were returned, some perished and others stayed in the system. In 1940 some were held in labour camps, but it was not really until 1941 that Jews were rounded up and put wholesale into concentration camps.

In what year were Jews first sent to concentration camps?

A number of Jews were sent to concentration camps in 1933, but because they were opponents of the Nazis, not simply for being Jews. (The Nazis were at that stage also obsessed with 'Jews in the media' and Jewish journalists and newspaper proprietors had a very rough time).In November 1938 during the Night of the Broken Glass about 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps and by Christmas 1938, 2,000 of these Jews had died.Routine transports of Jews to camps started, at first on a small scale, in 1940; and the wholesale transport of Jews, usually to extermination camps, began in 1941.

What were concentration camps during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jews were sent to during the time of the Holocaust. There were four major concentration camps. Most were killed there in torturous ways, forced into physical labor, or forced into sexual slavery. Not only Jews were sent there though also gypsies, homosexuals, just about anyone who was not a Nazi.

When were jews taken to concentration camps?

The first Jews to be taken to concentration camps for merely being Jewish were on the 10th November 1938, after Kristalnacht. This however was isolated to this time and they were not held on a permanent basis (though some did not survive). The policy of segregation and ghettoisation preceded the time that Jews were sent to the camps. in 1940 when Jews were being used for labour that they were first sent to camps. These camps were labour camps, most concentration camps were labour camps, intended to house the prisoners and work them to death, rather than the death camps, where most of the ghetto residents would eventually be sent. These deportations happened mainly in 1941, but did continue until 1943 Deportation from Germany was rather late, Hitler had wanted to only deport German Jews after the war had ended, but Allied bombing and housing shortages forced German Jews to be deported from 1941. Most went to Ghettos, but some went straight to the camps.

Who liberated the Jews from the concentration camps at the end of World War 2?

The Soviet Union was the first country to liberate the Jews. The United States reached the camps in April and May, 1945. ____ Liberation took place camp by camp as the Allies advanced. Most Jews were dead by the time the Allies reached the camps.

When did Jews manage to escape Concentration camps and ghettos?

when groups of them left at the same time in different spots

Why were Jew and other undesirables first imprisoned in concentration camps in the early 1930s?

They were not. This was the time before Jews were imprisoned, it was the time of political opponents, trade unionists and socialists/communists.

Did jews have time to escape before they were taken to concentration camps?

It was not a question of time, most had to report to a collection point to be sent to the camps, there was no lack of opportunity to escape. The problem was that there was no where to escape to.

How did Germans get Jews to concentration camps?

Most of the time, German soldiers would invade towns, set up ghettos, then eventually force the Jews to travel on cattle trains to the camps. but sometimes the Jews had to walk all the way.

Why did the franks try to avoid concentration camps?

As early as the first months of 1942, word was already filtering back that the "work camps" were death houses. Only about 10% of all people incarcerated in the concentration camps lived through the experience. Being Jewish, the Franks, like all Jews at that time, dedicated their lives to trying to stay out of the camps.

What did Jews wear in concentration camps when it was cold out?

They were not supplied with more clothing than normal, so the answer is - the same as they wore the rest of the time. Many Jews died of disease in the camps because they were not properly kept warm.

How long did the Jews stay in the concentration camps before they were killed?

That depended on the type of camp. In extermination camps the aim was kill prisoners within 24 hours of arrival. These camps (such as Treblinka) were small and were killing 'facilities' and nothing else. In 'ordinary' concentration camps, the time varied enormously.

What year were jews put in to concentration camps?

Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when Adolf Hitler come to power. ___________________________ But Jews were not put into camps because they were Jewish at this stage. The camps were the party equivalent to prison and the first targets were political opponents and criminals, so that peace would come to the land and people would feel safe. Though some Jews may have been arrested, it was for different reasons. Also at this time a large proportion of prisoners were released after re-education. It is not until well into the war that you see significant numbers.

Why did Jews in concentration camps wear striped clothing?

The Nazi's wanted all the Jews to look alike so they wouldn't have trouble telling them apart they didn't think that the Jews were even to them so they thought to save them some hassle so they didn't have to stop everyone and ask to see there number every time they walked by!!! The Jews were prisoners in the concentration camp and the striped pajamas were the uniform for the concentration camps.

How long were Jews in rail cars on the way to concentration camps?

It varies on where they were deported from and where they arrived to, the timings could take from couple of hours to several days, this is because most trains departed some Jews off different concentration camps. a average time journey is about 9-11 hours

How many Jews were killed in Germany between 1933 and 1939?

Not many Jews were killed between this time period in Germany. Is wasn't until 1939 that 300,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

What took place at some of the concentration camps during the holocaust?

Some Concentration Camps were used as Death Camps, gassing and cremating hundreds of victims at a time.

What gasses did they use in the concentration camps?

While the concentration camps were just being started, Jews would be packed into the backs of trucks and carted to burial sites. The fumes from the vehicle's exhaust would be placed into where the Jews were and they would die from inhaling the gases. More efficient methods were soon adopted though, inwhich more Jews could be killed in a lesser space of time.

When the Jews were in concentration camps did they celebrate Hanukkah?

In the concentration camps, during the Jews' allotted resting time of a few minutes, during Hanukkah, they would sometimes sit down and reminisce about how their fathers/mothers lit the menorah. Some Jews did not celebrate it at all. It must be kept in mind that they were in horrifically inhumane conditions in the concentration camps and had virtually no materials at all. Nonetheless, there are some poignant true stories about the few who did manage to light some form of impromptu menorah, against all odds.

What were the Jews feed in the concentration camps?

they were feed caroots and other thing they would get one ounce of jelly some time they would eat for days

What did the jewish take into hiding?

The Jewish went into hiding in order not to be placed in the concentration camps. The Jews were not treated respectfully during the time of the Hitler era.

What did Jews do in the concentration camps in holocaust?

They would do hard labor and most of the time die of that or get in gas chambers and die or just have to line and get needlessly shot

When and where was the concentration camps?

In Europe during the time of WWII

How did people get to the Nazi Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

The Nazis forced people onto trains that took them to concentration camps. Sometimes they would take the entire population of a city to the concentration camps at one time.

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