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Q: When was the first video arcade game released?
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What was the commercial first video game?

I assume you're asking what the first commercially available video game was. That would be Computer Space, an arcade game that was released in 1971. The first home console was the Magnavox Odyssey, released early in 1972. Atari's Pong, which many believe to be the first video game, was also released as an arcade game in 1972, although the home consoles weren't made available until '75.

What company did the first video arcade develop?

It was Namco, which made Pac-Man, the first Arcade game

What was the first Video game in the earth?

donkeykong arcade,1984

Who invented the first video arcade game?

Willy Higginbotham

When was the arcade game Bubble Bobble first released?

The arcade game Bubble Bobble was first released in the year 1986. It was an arcade game with quite basic graphics by today's standards but had a few sequels.

What is an arcade game?

An arcade game is a coin-operated video game or amusement devices.

What is the first video game with zombies?

the first video game with actual zombies is resident evil 1 or just resident evil. no....the very first video game with zombies was an arcade game called House of the Dead

What was the first video game system made out of?

The first ones were wood cabinet arcade games.

What type of video game is Shinobi?

The type of video game that the video game called Shinobi is classified as is of the action genre. This video game was originally released as an arcade game, but later adapted to other game console systems.

What was the first arcade video game?

The first arcade style video game that took coins was a hand built version of 'SpaceWars' called "The Galaxy Game". It was installed at the student union at Stanford University in September 1971. One one was built.

What are those machines at arcades that you put coins and tokens in called?

Video Arcade games,Video Arcade Machines, Video Arcade game machines

Is there a video game called narc 2?

The original Narc video game was released as a arcade game in 1988. Although there was no sequel to the original game, a remake of the game was released by VIS Entertainment and Midway Games, entitled NARC.

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