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In 1921, Billy Mitchell sank a battleship in a demonstration with a large number of sorties by his flyers.

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Q: When was the first warship sunk as a result of aerial bombing?
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Where did the US first attack Japan?

Japan was first subjected to an aerial bombing attack during the Doolittle Raid .

What was the military tactic did the Nazis use in the Battle of Britain?

Aerial bombing, first of airfields, then of cities and industry.

When did Germany first bomb Britain?

February1, 1916, a German Zeppelin. carried out the very first aerial bombing of England. on Derby.

When did America start bombing in Vietnam?

Aerial bombing started in the 1950s using surplus WWII bombers (B26s). The first modern jet to start bombing was the North American F100 Super Sabre in 1961. That's America's longest fighting jet in steady combat; 1961 to 1971.

What has the author Stephen Snelling written?

Stephen Snelling has written: 'Norwich' -- subject(s): Aerial Bombing, German Aerial operations, World War, 1939-1945, History 'Over here' -- subject(s): Aerial operations, American, American Aerial operations, Americans, Social life and customs, World War, 1939-1945 'Vcs of the First World War Gallipoli (VCs of the First World War)'

What was the name of the union warship?

The USS Monitor was the first Union ironclad warship.

What date was the first Bali bombing?

The first Bali bombing was on October 12, 2002.

In what year were bombs used in World War 1?

The first bombing mission isn't recorded. It's thought to have been the French raid on a zepplin hanger August 14, 1914. As early as Sept 1914, the French were organising air units assigned to bombing raids. The first recorded aerial bombing actually happened before WW1. The Italians bombed Turkish troops in the Italian-Turkish war 1911.

When did the Romans build the first warship?

No. Ancient Chinese did.

What was the first bombing of Japan called?

The first bombing of Japan in World War 2 was the Dolittle Raid.

What is important about the USMonitor?

The first clash of a metal warship with a revolving gun turret fighting another metal warship in actual battle.

What was the role of the airplane when it first arrived in World War 1?

Airplanes were used well before WW1 started. Their use as weapons wasn't developed after the war started. The first aerial bombing occurred Nov 1911 by Italian pilots. They bombed Turkish troops during the Italo-Turkish War. During WW1, they were used, initially for recon, then bombing and dogfighting.

Who first used the ironclad warship in the civil war?

The answer to that is the south.

When was monitor first developed?

The warship Monitor was developed in 1862

What is the name of the first US Navy warship?

USS Constitution

When where and by whom was the first aerial journey made?

first aerial journey was made in paris by pilatre de rozier on 15 october 1783

What was the first extensive your bombing of north Vietnam?

what was the first extensive u.s. bombing of north vietnam

Who designed the first steam-propelled warship?

Robert Fulton

Was Tokyo bombing the first US attack after Pearl Harbor?

Yes; a pay-back bombing.

What would have stopped the bombing of Japan?

Them bombing us first.

Where were the first aerial photos taken?

The first aerial photograph was taken in 1858 over the Bievre Valley in France (from a balloon) by French author and artist Felix Tournachon.

First world war warship of early 20th century?

battle cruiser

Name India's first stealth warship that was commissioned at St Petersburg?


What was the first German warship sunk in world war 2?

The first major German warship sunk in WW2 was the "pocket battleship" Admiral Graf Spee, scuttled by her crew outside Montevideo, Uruguay on 17 December 1939.

How was the first military aircraft used for in war?

Aerial reconnaissance.