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When was the game of soccer invented?


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2009-12-03 18:59:19 "There is documentary evidence that a a game or skill building exercise, involving kicking a ball into a small net, was used by the Chinese military during the Han Dynasty - around the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. Earlier evidence - of a field marked out to play a ball-kicking game has been found at Kyoto, in Japan." also has an article about the history of soccer that credits the Chinese with inventing the game.


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Football was invented by the English.

Roman Italy invented the game we now call soccer or football.

Hockey.Soccer was first and from that the game of rugby was invented. From rugby American football was invented.

there 2 acquanted and still no answer: The Chinese invented soccer as an activitie after working a long day. soccer was invented by the united kingdome in the 1800's

The Romans invented the forerunner to football and or soccer, the Romans spread the game around Europe, the game evolved into the different codes from the original Roman invention of the game they used to play.

No, rugby was invented during a game of soccer or as i say it football.

China had the first game of a variation of soccer that is still quite similar, while the English played the first game of mob soccer between towns. Nips

Nobody did it went through F.I.F.A

Ancient Greece invented the soccer game. This was fierce. In 1815, Eton College, a famous English school, created the modern version of soccer with a set of rules.

soccer was not invented in Italy it was invented in England

England because England had origanally been playing a game like soccer and it soon spread worldwide, so it may have been invented in other countries but the orgin of soccer is England.

Some say it was China other say it is England.

EnglandSoccer was invented in England.

In 1863,at Cambridge University, a group of Englishmen formed the Football Association and invented the modern game of soccer.

because someone was board and he decided to play a game with a ball

The soccer ball was invented around 1681

It was made in 1883 but nobody knows who invented soccer

i think soccer was invented in 1633 or 1643

Here's the answer from another question on the origins of soccer. Soccer, like a lot of other sports, has origins that are not known for certain. We don't know who invented it. Was it just one person, or was there a meeting? When was the sport invented? We don't know. Where was it invented? We're not sure. Many sports evolve from another sport or game. People played a game in a given way until a point, and then things changed and it suddenly became another game. Read more here:

were was soccer invented

Versions of the game have been played for centuries, but the modern game as we know it today was invented in England in the late 1800's.

Boys have been kicking objects for as long as there have been little boys. Ancient Roman solders played a game somewhat similar to soccer. The game as it is now played with the rules similar to the current rules and from which the current rules came was invented in England. So, the game of Soccer was invented in England.

soccer was invented by the united kingdome in the 1800's

Association Football (aka Soccer) was invented in England.

he as only 72 when he invented soccer or football

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