When was the guided missile invented?

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What does 'You have guided missiles and misguided men' mean?

The sentence that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated previous to that quote sheds light on its meaning: "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided mi

Who invented the missile?

In the 1200s to 1400s, China has been using unguided missiles in warfare, making them the first to use the self-propelled missile. The missile they used today has (normally) t

Who invented the first guided missile?

Louis Brennan (1852 -1932) From, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Inventor of the world's first guided missile - a torpedo like device which was used as an early coastal defence

Guided missiles were invented in this country?

Germany invented the guided missile.. A list of guided missiles invented by German engineers and scientists: . Henschel Hs 293 (Anti-ship guided missile) . Fritz X (Anti-sh

Can you dodge a guided missile?

A friend of mine tried to dodge a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) in Vietnam. This is an aimed weapon not guided). He was unsuccessfull. One might be able to dodge a guided mis

What date were guided missiles made?

From 1943 onwards, Nazi Germany used the MCLOS (Manual Command To Line-Of-Sight) guided "Fritz X" anti-ship and "Wasserfall" antiaircraft guided missiles.
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How are missiles guided?

They could be radar guided, they could be guided by a seeker unit which locks onto heat signatures, they could actually be unguided weapons whose only 'guidance' is programmin
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Are ballistic missiles guided missiles?

Yes, although not in the same sense as, say, an air-to-air missile. They're programmed prior to launch. . Technically, a ballistic missile is, by definition, unguided, as
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How does a guided missile turn?

Guided missiles have small fins or wings attached to them, and use them to alter the aerodynamics of the missile, in the same way that a plane with wings (and aerilons/flaps)