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When was the heater invented?

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In 1882 by Thomas Edison

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Who invented the heater?

who invented the heater

When was the electric heater made and who invented it?

Thomas Edison invented the Electric heater in about 1883.

When Was The gas heater invented?

it was invented in the 1940

When was water heater invented?

it was invented in 1889

When was first electrical heater invented?

The electric heater was invented in 1893, although the idea of it came about in 1850. It was invented by Thomas Edison.

When was the baseboard heater invented?

The first electrical baseboard heater was invented by William Wesley Hicks. The first patent for the heater was filing in 1925 and later issued on March 27, 1928.

Who invented the water heater?

Edwin Ruud

Who invented the electric heater?

Thomas Edison

Who invented car heater?

Magaret Wilcox

What date was the heater invented on?

1882 to 1883

When was the heater invented in a car?

ages ago

When Thomas Edison invented heater?


Who invented the caravan heater?

The Dodge Caravan heater was invented in 1984 by the Dodge and Mopar companies. Since it's creation it has evolved into a much bigger and popular van.

Where was the first gas heater invented?

The fist gas heater was made by an English company Pettit and Smith in 1856.

Who is Margaret wilcox?

She is a inventor of car heater and it was invented in 1893.

Why was the car heater invented?

because of the monkeys they are really talented... trust me!

Who invented electric water pump?

electric water heater was invented by choudhary ishant mahalwar in 2013 on 25 february

Who was Ida Forbes?

She invented the electric water heater. Notice I didn't say hot water heater. Hot water doesn't need to be heated.

Who invented the heater and when?

Although the first "heaters" were simple fires, the credit for inventing the traditional heater goes to the American engineer and inventor Willis Haviland Carrier.

What year was the heater invented?

willis carrier inc=vented search up his biography and u can find it yourself thats more useful just helping well he invented the water heater well i still answered the blank q's

Who is the inventor of the space heater?

Frank Whittle is the inventor of the space heater. The space inventor was invented in 1930's by Frank Whittle. There were many people that helped him but he was the person with ideas.

Who invented the solar water heater?

Yosf Rheem it was Edwin ruud he invented it in the 1889 that's what i found in the computer that's what they say if that's wrong please tell me i would like to know did invented the first water heater that's what i thank thank u everone for that if know the answer please tell me thank u. byeee :):):):)::)::)

Who invented an solar air heater and why?

The most recent inventor for a Solar Air Heater is Paul M. Doherty from Massachusetts. The information is available from the United States Patent Office. Also, Canada.

When was the oil heater invented?

The oil heater or cooker is helpful for cooking while on a camping trip. This invention has a base of the stove called a boiler plate. The boiler plate holds a coffee pot or other pots for oiling. Some oil heater have a removable oven for baking. Simeon Newsome inventor Oil Heater or Cooker Patented May 22, 1894 Detroit, Michigan

Mr Heater F274800 Portable "Big Buddy" Heater is a electric heater?

Mr Heater F274800 Portable "Big Buddy" Heater is a propane gas heater.