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When was the last cavalry charge during world war 1?


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August 19, 2007 1:45PM

The 19th Hussars charge at Brancourt on 8 October 1918 with just one

month remaining in WW-1 may be the final horse mounted event in the

Great War. It certainly wasn't the end of horses in the military. The US

2nd Cavalry finally dismounted in 1944. In WW-2 several nations still had

and used mounted Cavalry. Notable among them were the Poles in the

defense of their homeland, the Russian Cossacks, and the Italians. In

the Phillipenes the US 26th Cavalry mounted a charge against Japanese

Forces on Luzon on 16 January 1942. The Sikh Sowars of the British

Front Force Cavalry also fought the Japanese on 21 March 1942 in Burma.