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Shield volcanoes erupt all the time - in fact, a volcano may be erupting as I type this answer! Considering this, I am not able to give you an accurate answer.

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So far that time is zero. As of December 2016 the shield volcano Kilauea in Hawaii is erupting. It has erupted almost continuously since 1983.

The last in volcano that erupted in California was in 2004.

The last time a Composite Volcano erupted was in 2005

The last time a volcano erupted was in the 1900's in the USA.

Yes. If it doesn't erupt and never has erupted then it is not a volcano.

Deception Island, in the Antarctic, is both an island and a volcano. It last erupted in 1987. Dona Juana, in Colombia, last erupted in 1907. Dempo is a volcano in Indonesia which last erupted in 1994. Didicas volcano in the Philippines last erupted in 1978.

the last volcano erupted in iceland

Mt Warning is a shield volcano in Australia's Tweed Valley. The last time Mt Warning erupted was over 20 million years ago.

the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, in iceland

When is it thought the first volcano in Australia erupted? When is it thought the first volcano in Australia erupted?

The last time this volcano erupted was in 1918 and 1821.

the antofalla volcano located in argentina, last erupted in 1911.

Mt.Pinatubo is a shield volcano located in the Phillipenes.It is the worlds second strongest volcano that erupted in1992.

A volcano which has not erupted in the last 2000 years.

Mt Erebus is more or less permanently active, and could be considered the last volcano that erupted in Antarctica.

the last volcanoe erupted in iceland.

dec 25 2009 Last eruption of mayon volcano

None. There were no people around the last time the Yellowstone volcano erupted.

the volcano last erupted in 1944. I am holly watson and i know this because at school i am lerrning about volcanoes.

Mount Everest has never erupted, it is not a volcano.

It is called a active volcano. Inactive volcanoes have not erupted for more than a century.

Mt. Tavurvur last erupted in 2009.

The last eruption of Santorini volcano was in 1950.

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