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The period of naked eye visibility for comet Kohoutek spanned the end of Nov. 1973 until late Jan. 1974. {That means if you knew where and when to look, you could see Kohoutek without a telescope.} Its orbit was found to be hyperbolic, meaning Kohoutek is on an escape course from the solar system, never to be sen again.


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The last time Halley's comet was visible to an unaided (naked) human eye on the earth was in 1986.

Comet Kohoutek, formally designated C/1973 E1, 1973 XII, and 1973f, was first sighted on 7 March 1973 by Czech astronomer Luboš Kohoutek. It attained perihelion on 28 December that same year.Comet Kohoutek is a long-period comet; its previous apparition was about 150,000 years ago, and its next apparition will be in about 75,000 years.[1] At its apparition in 1973 it had a hyperbolic trajectory (e > 1) due to gravitational perturbations from giant planets. Due to its path, scientists theorized that Kohoutek was an Oort-cloud object. As such, it was believed likely that this was the comet's first visit to the inner Solar System, which would result in a spectacular display of outgassing. Infrared and visual telescopic study have led many scientists to conclude, in retrospect, that Kohoutek is actually a Kuiper-belt object, which would account for its apparent rocky makeup and lack of outgassing.[2]Before its close approach, Kohoutek was hyped by the media as the "comet of the century". However, Kohoutek's display was considered a let-down[citation needed]. Although it failed to brighten to levels expected, it was still a naked-eye object. Its greatest visual magnitude was -3, when it was at perihelion, 0.14 AU from the Sun. Its orbital inclination is 14.3°. Its best viewing was in the night sky after perihelion, when it had dimmed to fourth magnitude. The comet also sported a tail up to 25° long, along with an anti-tail.C/1973 E1 should not be confused with the periodic comet 75D/Kohoutek, which can also be called "Comet Kohoutek" (as could the comets C/1969 O1 and C/1973 D1, also discovered by Luboš Kohoutek as sole discoverer).This comet was observed by the crew of Skylab 4 and Soyuz 13, thus becoming the first comet to be observed by a manned spacecraft.

The comet may have come from an area close to Uranus. It last appeared in 1986, and is due to appear again in the year 2061.

Halley's Comet travels by the earth each 76 years. It last appeared in 1986. It will likely return in the year 2063.

Halley's comet appers across earth every 76 years. The last time it appeared was in 1986 and the next time it will appear would be in 2062

it s a comet which can be seen every 76 years ,it was last seen in the year 1986,march 8

in about the year 20622061.The comet cycle is 75-76 years and is due next in 2061.It last appeared in 1986 and should appear again in 2061 It has a 75-76 year cycle through our solar systemHalley's Comet was last visible in 1986 and will be visible again in 2061.

You can expect Halley's Comet to be visible again around 2061.Halley's comet was last seen from Earth in 1986.

The comet was last visible in 1986. The next time it will be visible from Earth will be in the year 2061, possibly on the 28th July, if the predictions are correct.

Halley's comet was named after a British astronomer. Edmund Halley concluded that reports of three different comets which appeared 76 years apart from one another were referring to the same comet. He died before the year of his prediction, but it appeared. Therefore, the comet was named after him.

it was last seen in 1986 and wont be able to be seen again until 2061.

The duration of Year of the Comet is 1.52 hours.

Halley's Comet was visible from Earth for the last time on the 9th of February 1986. It's expected to be able to observe it again the 28th of July of the year 2061.

Year of the Comet was created on 1992-04-24.

Halley's Comet has an average 76-year orbit. It's last visit was in 1986 and it's next scheduled visit is in 2062.

Halley's Comet is a long-term comet that appears about once every 75 to 76 years. It notably appeared in the year of Mark Twain's birth (1835) and again in the year of his death (1910). Its most recent appearance was in 1986 and it will not approach the Sun again until 2061.

Yes, it was last seen in 1986. The next time it will be visible from planet Earth is the 28th July in the year 2061.

I definitely know its not halleys comet

Encke's comet will return November 21

Halley's Comet passed earth in 1986. I should return in 2062.

Halley's comet occurs ever 75->76 years. It last was seen from Earth in 1986 so astronomers predict that it will be seen again in the year of 2061.

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It doesn't take place in real life, it takes place in another World, and fans commonly call the time line BSC and ASC, which means Before Sozin's Comet and After Sozin's Comet, or the year which Fire Lord Sozin harnessed the power of the comet to wipe out the Air Nomads.

halley's comet was discovered in 1705 by Edmond halley

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