When was the marlin 989 m2 made?

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The Marlin 989M2 .22 caliber semiautomatic rifle was made from 1965-78. It was originally sold with a seven round box magazine (what some people call a clip) but the modern (written in 2012) Marlin brand 10 round or 7 round nickel magazines work fine in the 989M2. As extra information be aware that a "twin" of the 989M2 was made with a tubular magazine, holding nine rounds, and that twin is the 99M1 made from 1964-78. These two Marlin rifles are nicely made models with walnut stocks and handguards. They were made to look like the M-1 Carbine military rifle.

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Q: When was the marlin 989 m2 made?
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I need a replacement magazine for my marlin model 989 m2?


What is the value of a Marlin 989 M2 22 L.R.?

Your Marlin model 989 which was a semi auto promotional model will range in price from 75-150 dollar,depending on overall condition.

Your Marlin 989 wont hold back bolt when magazine is emptyWhy?

Try a thorough cleaning, change magazines, change ammunition. The marlin 989 was made in the 60's the bolt does not open when the last shot is fired

What is the price of a marlin 989?

50-125 USD

Where can you buy a Stock for a Marlin 989 M2 22 LR M1 style?

try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.If they do not have one,maybe Marlin itself may have a few still in stock.E-bay would be another good place to find a stock for your rifle.

What year and where do you get parts for marlin model 989 m?

try eBay that might do .

How do you take down and clean a model 989 marlin?

Contact Marlin customer service through their website, and request an owner's manual for your rifle. They are free.

What years did Marlin firearms make the model 989?

I have one that I'm sure I bought in about 1967, I think. I bought mine in 1964 at a Woolco store in Tempe,AZ. AnswerThe 989 (standard model) was made from 1962-1966 The 989M2 (M1-Carbine lookalike) was made from 1966-1979.

How do you Disassemble a Marlin model 989?

On the main Marlin Firearms website, there is a section labeled "Owners Manuals", from which you can download the manuals of Marlin products in .pdf form. Assembly and disassembly instructions should be included in these manuals. See related link.

Where can you find a clip for a Marlin model 989?

I have used the 10-round magazine for the Marlin 795 sold by Brownells ( as 550-000-337. This is a nickel plated mag. Aside from extra capacity and nickel plating it appears to be the same design as the 7-round magazine that came with the rifle (Marlin 989). Brownells also sells a 7-round blued mag as 550-707-346 that should work.

What is the value of a marlin 22 model 989?

I'm not sure what they are worth now, but I bought one a few years back for around a hundred bucks..

What year was a Marlin model 97 with the serial number 285448 made?

your marlin model 1897 was made by marlin in 1903.

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