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When was the model 70 Mannlicher produced?


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To make a short story long, it is first necessary to identify the rifle in question. Roughly, according to my research, there were +/- 2401 of these Winchester Model 70 Mannlicher Style (30-06 -7004, 308 - 7006, 243 - 7003, 270 - 7003) ("rack" rifles) made. Many mannlicher stocked Model 70 rifles of several variations and caliber orders were made in Winchester's Custom Shop and by many gunsmiths contracted to do Winchester work. For this answer, they are not included in the count. Also, any "after market" conversions were made with mannlicher stocks. The serial number test for the date of manufacture is inconclusive . I have original appearing rifles with serial numbers indicating dates of manufacture from 1966 through 1974. The "Book" answer is 1968 to 1971. In my attempt to focus the mix, I believe the numbers are as follows: 30-06 = 1204, .270=580, .243=400, .308=217. This information has no published basis but i can share with you the sources from which it was derived. It is the best information I have arrived at in the 40 years I have followed this rifle. I will continue searching until it can, eventually, be verified or disproved.

Interestingly, The rifles were not a "HOT ITEM". The reason? Perhaps the European styling was not popular after the Cold War. For whatever reason, Winchester sent about half of these rifles to overseas markets. Therefore only about half the rifles remain in the U.S.. I have catalogs showing, in addition to the U.S., they were marketed in Europe, Canada, and Australia.This could suggest that the Model 70, Mannlicher Style Rifles (Model 7004, 7003, 7002 and 7006) that remain in the U.S. represent the most scarce group of production rifles made by Winchester. For additional information or simple palaver, feel free to contact Steve. see similar question about quanity.