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When was the radiator built?

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I did

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Does the 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo have a transmission cooler?

It is built into the radiator.

Where is the radiator cap located on a 1992 Chrysler cirrus?

The Chrysler Cirrus was only built from 1995-2000. The radiator cap is located on the housing where the upper radiator hose hooks to the engine.

Why do you have oil in your coolant recovery tank but your 2003 Pontiac grand am still runs good?

Your radiator is probably leaking transmission fluid into your coolant. Trans cooler is built into the radiator. Replace the radiator.

How is there transmission fluid in your radiator?

The automatic transmission oil cooler is built into the radiator. If the oil cooler developes a leak the oil mixes with the engine coolant.

How do you unclog the pipe connecting the coolant container to the radiator?

You can blow into it. that hose will only really be open to the radiator when too much pressure has built up and your radiator cap releases pressure into the overflow. All other times the tubes access to the radiator is blocked by a properly functioning radiator cap.

Does a 1992 Park Avenue have an oil coolant system attached to the radiator?

Not likely. It does however have a cooler for the transmission fluid built into the radiator. Take a look and see.

1998 Tahoe transmission fluid gets into the cooling system?

The transmission cooler is built into the radiator, and the tubes on the cooler are leaking Trans. fluid into the engine coolant. Need to replace radiator.

Where is radiator plug located on 1996 mercury mystique?

To my knowledge, no car built on the CDW27 platform (Contours, Cougars, Mondeos, and Mystiques.) had a radiator plug, you add coolant directly to the coolant reservoir.

Do radiators for 1990 manual transmission Nissan 240sx cars have built in oil coolers?

No, the only models that came with a trans oil cooler built into the radiator where the automatic ones.

Why does water boil out of radiator and built a pressure?

It's a pressurized system. When it exceeds cap release pressure, it comes out.

How does trans fluid get into radiator?

You will notice two lines going to your radiator from the transmission. One is a service line and one is a return line. The radiator has a transmission cooler built into it. If you have trans fluid in the radiator chances are the trans cooler is leaking. A little trans fluid in the radiator will not affect engine cooling BUT as soon as the pressure drops in that transmission you may very well have radiator coolant sucked into the tranmission and that will ruin a transmission in a hurry. You need to get this checked out as soon as possible.

What can go wrong with a car radiator?

Many things can go wrong with a car radiator. Since the car radiators job is to keep the car from over heating, the radiator can become to hot and become damaged, and it can also become clogged with dirt and debris. A car radiator can also become rusted and sludge can get built up in the wires which will cause it to over heat.

What is the easiest way to drain a radiator on a 95 Taurus?

"Easy"... That's probably using the built-in drain valve/petcock. Bottom - drivers side of the radiator.But then there's fast, and messy - pull the lower radiator hose.See "Related Questions" below for more details on both.

Where is the place to flush a radiator located?

Typically there is a Drain Valve that you manually open to drain the radiator. Caution Don't Do it When The Engine is Hot. You Also Have to Open the Radiator Cap such That the Engine Coolant can Drain from the Bottom of the Radiator. You don't have to put the car up on a jack. Sometimes you will be able to see the drain valve when you open the hood - look down either side of the radiator. You may see it but can't reach it. Sometime you have get under the car such that you are underneath the radiator, and look on either side. The drain valve may not stick out - it may be built flush to the radiator.

Where is the oil cooler in 92 accord?

A 1992 Honda Accord does not have an Engine oil cooler. It can have a transmission oil cooler, which is built into the radiator.

Will a radiator for an automatic transmission work on a vehicle with manual transmission?

Generally no because the one for the automatic has a trans cooler built into it. I would have to disagree as long as everything is the same the radiator will work. And you do not have to plug up the transmission fittings on the radiator because it is just an in and an out. If you hook nothing to it, nothing will come out the other side.

How does an radiator cool fluids?

First of all I think you are confused. The engine oil is not cooled directly by a cooler. The engine its self is cooled by a cooling system. Which uses coolant and a radiator. Coolant travels through the radiator and is cooled by a combination of factors. There are air dams or cowls that gather moving air and direct it through the fins on the radiator. ther is a fan that is temperature sensitive that comes on and blows air across the fins. Most always, there are transmission coolers built into the radiator, but kept separate from the coolant to prevent the fluid from getting too hot and damaging the transmission. On some radiators there are oil coolers built into the radiator to help cool the oil much like the transmission coolers serve.

Does oil circulate within the cooling system?

oil does not circulate in the cooling system per-say but automatic transmissions do have a cooler built into the radiator that helps keep the transmission cooler. as for engine oil i don't believe that they have cooler built in the radiators. now if you see oil in your radiator that's a whole different story and it's not good.

What would cause oil to be in your radiator on your Chevy surburban?

Really need to know the year and engine size. But you can check this, Does your engine have 2 lines just above the oil filter that run up the side of the engine and goes into the radiator on the drivers side ? If so then that is the engine oil cooler lines and the tubes in the radiator were the oil flows through to cool the oil are probley leaking into the radiator coolant. IT happens often. WILL NEED TO REPLACE RADIATOR. And flush out the cooling system real GOOD. Did your engine freeze from lack of antifreeze ? If the radiator fluid is cheery red looking then the transmission cooler that is built into the radiator is leaking. REPLACE RADIATOR. GOOD LUCK.

How could water get in to transmission of 1998 dodge ram 2500 quad?

Check your radiator for signs of transmission fluid ( you will know as soon as you open the radiator cap) oily, creamy, gunky buildup. The transmission cooler is built into the radiator core and it is common for this to leak allowing coolant into the transmission and transmission fluid into the cooling system.

If there's transmission fluid in my radiator how do I fix it?

The transmission oil cooler built into the radiator has gone bad. There is a good chance engine coolant is also getting into the transmission. This is a serious problem. Do not drive the car any further. Have it towed to a garage to replace the radiator and flush both the cooling system and the transmission. Good luck.

Will the radiator over flow make the transmission go up?

If you mean does the transmission fluid level rise, the usual problem is a leak in the trans cooler built in to the radiator. Depending on engine temperature fluid will transfer back and forth between the radiator fluid and the auto trans fluid changing the level and color of both.

Where is the oil cooler for 1992 Chevy s10 4.3 tbi?

It is built into the radiator side tank, Just follow the 2 oil lines that are just above the oil filter adaptor and you will see that they run up the side of the engine and go into the radiator on driver's side. Must replace radiator to fix oil cooler.

Where does radiator fluid go?

Unless your radiator has a leak, the radiator fluid stays in the radiator.

Your car has oil in the radiator but no other signs of a blown head gasket it dont over heat no bad smells no white smoke what can it be?

Transmission fluid. Many cars have a transmission cooler built into the radiator to cool the transmission fluid. Sometimes there is an internal rupture in the system spilling transmission fluid into the radiator thus mixing with the coolant.

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