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the savage model 170 pump rifle was made from 1970-1981.

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Q: When was the savage model 170 series a 3030 made?
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When was the savage arms model 340 series e made?

The savage model 340 series was made between the years 1950-1985.

Where do you find the serial number on a savage model 340a 3030?

I have a Savage Model 340A, 30-30 and it has no serial number. I was told that the older ones did not have any. At the time it was made it was not legally required to have one.

What year were savage 410 model 220b made?

The Savage model 220 series of shotguns were made from 1938-1965.This includes the model 220,220b,220p,220ac,and 220L.

How old is your savage model 340 series E?

The Savage model 340 was made from 1950-1985,while the Savage model 340C,and 340S deluxe were made from 1952-1960.Yours could also be made during this time span.

What year did Savage Firearms come out with the Savage 24V series B?

The Savage model 24B was introduced in the year 1950 along with the model 24.These were made until 1965.

How old is a Savage Arm12 gage shotgun model 94c?

The Savage No.94C was apart of the Model 94 series shotguns that were made from 1926-1945.

What years were the savage model 94c shotguns manufactured?

The savage model 94 series of shotguns were made from 1926-1945,with a total production of 934,000 made during this time.

What year was model 94 3030 2138774 made?


What year was the Savage Model L72 last made?

The Stevens model 72 series,of which the model 72L was included,was last produced in 1989.

When was model 94 3030 serial number 1207356 made?

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1940.

What is the year of a model 94 Winchester 3030 serial 3178751?

My grandpa give me this 3030 Winchester model 94 i need to know what year it was made

What years was the savage model 46 manufactured?

Your Savage model 46 was made by Savage Arms from 1969-1973.

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